Most replied to topic in the last year


And the winner is…

Congratulations @58marine

And it shows no signs of slowing!!


Well done.


There’s a rule for people to introduce themselves.

This kinda seems like cheating…



Its for social vegans:



I’m with @brianpurkiss.

Yo Robert, post up the top 5 not including the introduction threads! :cowboy_hat_face:


Nah, Joels post pre-dates the forum face lift and he created that and deserves kudos for it, the fact the noobs seem to gravitate to it for their introduction, well I wish they’d post their own intro but any hi will do,

or for the stoners any high will do :thinking: (sorry seemed funny)


LOL, its an observation thats within reason, not everyone knows about when we had 10 regular members amusing ourselves with the idea new people would join :nerd_face:


Congratulations 58Marine :trophy: that’s going to be tough to beat for sure.


My hat is off for you Brother! Way to go!


Careful, Robert supports social engineering. We are all his test subjects.


This doesn’t seem fair. Where is my participation trophy?


Over here:


Those are badges and not trophies.


Here’s a trophy for ya:



I’m working towards us all sharing the trophy, but not letting Brian chose it :grin:


I am so excited now!


I’m hurt…


Is there going to be a flag trophy?




Yea, like that but awarded to people for being a dick.