Most useless gun accesory on the Gulf coast


But its all mine and took me years to find one for sale.

Swedish dog sled for the Kg m/37 BAR.(I have no dog and snow deep enough to use it requires Hell’s cooperation)

The sled replaces the bipod and acts as a mount for the gun. The gun folds down into the sled for travel and has a spring loaded cover that protects the muzzle from any snow that might come in through the front. The ring at the back of the sled locks the doors closed and when its pulled straight back it releases the locks. The gun can then be pivoted up and fired right from the sled. Not sure what the dog is suppose to do while you are firing. The butt stock protrudes out the back of the sled when its closed up in transport mode.

High res pictures:


Well its better than the pistol bayonets.


You could still use it up here. We still have a foot of snow on the ground and another 1/2" came in today.