Mother of dead robber says it’s unfair her son was shot 5 times while robbing a family at dinner



Play stupid games win stupid prizes.


only one to blame
Mother for failure to get her son the medical help he required
Mother for not teaching her son that is wrong to rob (and than blame it on the Son’s mental health issues)


Yep, you want to blame someone, go look in the mirror.


The Mother says the gun was not loaded. 2 points need to be pointed out, First, if you have a gun, it needs to be loaded if you may want to use it. Second, the police spokesperson said it clear.
The 5 shots would have been way more if the hero could find a gun with more places in the cylinder to put more ammo. I admire the hero, he seems to be proficient and he saved his family.


I would say that the father would also be to blame, if one could be found. Sadly, the elimination of traditional families is another factor in the trend of many young males behaving like this.


Well, perhaps Pablo should have been wearing a sign that said, “I’m schizophrenic and my gun isn’t loaded.” But, even then, how do we know that’s true? And, at what point did we begin to allow “mental illness” to be a “get out of jail free” card? We are supposed to feel sorry for the kid with the gun in every instance. Well, I don’t.

If a dog attacks me, I shoot it. I don’t care what the dog is going through. I don’t care if the dog was his mother’s favorite. I don’t care if the dog illegally acquired his teeth. I care that I’m in danger and the how best to not be, anymore.

All these delicate little flowers never taught to take responsibility for their actions are out here dicking around in a world where actions have consequences. Maybe, just maybe, if Mom had tried a little harder to be his parent and a little less hard t hard to be his friend, he could have hung his own Christmas tree ornaments. Seems to me if you only wanna teach your kids one rule, make it this:
Threatening someone’s life could cost you yours. No matter what the excuse.

Where’s the media coverage of the shooter? You know, the guy who saved the innocent people behind the counter. Despite the fact they probably didn’t give him any ketchup. That’s who should be on tv.


guy was just conserving ammo…


The only one to blame it the kid himself. I don’t blame the mom so much. She think’s it’s unfair. That’s normal… she lost a kid. She’s wrong also. But the reason the kid got killed is he threatened the lives of several people. That can get you killed and it did. His fault.

She could have been a great mother, trying her best. But the kid is solely responsible for his own actions. If he’d have lived maybe he would have learned something. He’s dead… maybe some one else can learn not to be stupid.


Lucky he didn’t get the whole mag worth


Not worth the extra expense. I’d rather save my ammo then make swiss cheese.


From the article:
“…the father drew his own weapon and fired several shots, five of which found their target.”

It doesn’t say how many he fired that did not hit the target.


Life’s hard…it’s even harder (and often shorter) when you’re stupid.
Suck it up buttercup.


…that’s what she said. :cowboy_hat_face:


She should have just stopped talking after this:

“Did my son deserve to be punished? Yes, he did,” Cynthia Ruiz said in an interview with local ABC affiliate KSAT 12.



Agreed. Her son got what he deserved and perhaps, she did, too.


If the gun was unloaded her thug, er son, should have shouted that BEFORE he said “GIMMIE YOUR MONEY OR I’LL KILL YOU!” Then he should have pointed it in a safe direction away from people or anything that should not be shot. WHEN will basic gun education be taught in Health Class in school? It could save lives!

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