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Back, (make that way back) when I was a kid living in Los Angeles, the freeways turned into race tracks in the wee hours.
All kinds of fast stuff screaming down the road.
So many that the police rarely even tried to intervene.
They knew it was hopeless.
Speed was determined by using the distance between light poles.
The good old days,
But it was long before seat belts, air bags and cars designed to have crush zones.
Different mentality, death on the highway was an accepted hazard.


Just let this one go. Sad but my reflexes couldn’t match her speed no more. Broke many a muscle car owners heart. All the euro trash too. :sunglasses:


Great thread!
I’ve had 3 sport bikes. crashed two of them. The first one was an old 700 VFR Interceptor. I did sprockets and clutches. That was a fun bike… until a girl i was dating smashed it into a curb.
The second was a FZR 1000. I bought it used. Whoever had it before me did a crapload of performance mods. That was the fastest bike i ever rode. Also the only one i didn’t crash. I don’t know how fast i went on it. I took it out one Sunday morning and aired it out. When i shut it down, after running out of road, i glanced down at the speedo and had slowed down to 165. When i sold it, a guy that test drove it informed me it would do 185… and thats how fast he was going when he passed that cop :exploding_head:
My last bike was an older CBR 1000. Back when they were more of a touring bike. I did a bunch of work to that one. Shortened, lowered, brakes, clutches, carb kits, light weight everything. It was a fun build and also fun to ride. I low sided it in a turn going too fast on a road i didn’t know. I remember sliding face down for what seemed like forever, listening to the carbon fiber on my gloves grinding on the pavement. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any on the finger tips. Shaved the fingernails completely off of the last three fingers on my left hand. the last two were down to the bone. Haven’t had a bike since then.


Thanks for the stories.
It’s amazing there aren’t more casualties considering the speed of modern bikes.
It doesn’t seem all that long ago when a hundred mph bike was considered king of the road.


Now even mopeds do 150mph rather easily.


1975 Kawasaki Z1B 900…

Like your first time you don’t forget your first “fast bike”. The owners manual records the top speed at 135 mph. When you’re 23 yrs.old and goin’ up the country, when behold a endless stretch of new flat straight black top appears before you. Something chicks, oh it’s me down shifting out of 5th to 3rd and thinking lets do it.
135+ oh yeah. :ok_hand:


That Z 1 is beautiful!
$20 k + bike now.