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All my bikes had crash bars ever since one of my riding buddies almost lost a leg. When his went down and the motor burned his leg really bad.


I actually laid my down in the driveway last summer. I was backing up and the front wheel caught a raised joint in the concrete. It was just enough to throw me off balance and I couldn’t hold it up. Fortunately, I still had enough grip that I basically just lowered it to the ground.

I used the tried and true method of putting my butt on the seat and raising it with my legs. I was surprised at how easy it was to pick back up. I checked and there weren’t any scratches and fortunately, no neighbors outside to see my blunder lol.


Do any of you guys use jacks when working on or cleaning the bike? I wouldn’t want to do it without one now…


I use the same. Not hard to flip if ya ain’t careful.

Yep once-----just once.


Might find this unusual but my bike has a center stand


Nice! Every bike I ever owned had a center stand until I moved over to Harley’s. At first, I was lost without one and found it very strange that the bike didn’t have one lol. I’ve read up on them but just never ordered one. It would make maintenance a whole easier for sure!


That looks nice!


It was great fun and went down the road to a very happy buyer.

However, anyone looking to get an FJR feel confident in Muzzy pipes, Amsoil, and Mayer seats. The 5 speed wide ratio gear box is incredible, and IIRC still used today. With those Muzzy pipes I nick-named it Boomer; you got the low end grunt out of tight corners, but at cruising speeds there was not the usual irritating drone of some after market custom pipes.


I think I’ll be OK as long as I allow plenty of time to stop…



And an electric (heated) jacket, pants, gloves, boots, helmet


Snow bird the f*** out.