Movie Guns: Which ones did you see and need (Picture Thread)

I know we’ve all seen movies where we saw a new gun and had to have it. What were you guys’ movie guns? (Real guns guys, not laser-guns or blasters) Video games do apply.

Sig P226 (John Krasinski and Max Martini in “13 Hours”)

Colt SAA (John Wayne Westerns)

Mk12 Mod 1 (Mark Walberg and Ben Foster in Lone Survivor)


Not a “movie” gun, but at 12 years old I begged my father to buy the folding stock Mini 14 GB from The A-Team tv series. Sadly NJ passed its AWB 2 years later. Rather than deal with trying to register/grandfather it(which I’m not even sure was possible), he sold it to a coworker that lived in PA. Now that my parents live in PA I randomly jump on Gunbroker/Auction Arms/Armslist looking for a clean original for “him” to buy. I swear, it would be for him…:innocent:

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Oh man, that was an awesome rifle. I bought the show on dvd, and that rifle should be billed as a cast member. I believe that they had 5 of those Ruger Mini14s with stainless furniture and folding stocks on set and kept them in plastic tubs with the props. Ruger should make them for the Free States again. That sucks that you all had to get rid of it. That would have been a great gun to have.

I guess it would be my SCAR and my ACR. Several years ago a couple of buddies got me hooked playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 online with them. I had never heard of those guns before trying the game, as my interests were primarily military surplus and World War II firearms at that point.

I started doing some research (including watching MAC’s reviews) and eventually purchased the SCAR first and then the ACR.

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Beretta 92. So many movies, lines are so sexy.

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Im shocked noone mentioned it yet… :slight_smile:

<img src=>

Pulse rifle from Aliens!

(made from thompson smg + mounted shotgun)

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Made me look reeeeaaaaaaaly hard for a vz. 58.

Of course, “Strike Back” almost turned me into an AK-variant collector


R5 (District 9)
PKM (The 9th Company)
ARX-160SF (Forces Spéciales)
M9 (Die Hard)


FG-42/II Type G, BAR, SMLE, scoped Kar98k & Mosin (Call of Duty 1)
M1 Garand, PPS-43 (Call of Duty 2)
MG34, SVT-40 (Call of Duty UO)
Flamethrower, M1919 (Call of Duty WAW)
M4A1/203/Eotech, RPD, Javelin, AK-47, M1911A1 (Call of Duty MW1)
FAL w/ RMR, Tavor w/ Eotech (Call of Duty MW2)
ACR 6.8 SPC w/ Eotech & 3x, Pecheneg (Call of Duty MW3)
M590, dual Ingrams (Max Payne 1)
MP5, Dragunov (Max Payne 2)
FAL (Max Payne 3)

Not sure who makes them, or even the model number since apparently they have been modified… but they are the ones you see in movies, that after 1000 rounds, they still have not ran out of ammo.


Ah… short SA58’s. Friend of me here in Prague is actually making them.
Showed me some new versions last week… :slight_smile:

Stoner 63A, luckily I bought mine before the prices went out of my price range.

My gun


John Wicks H&K P30L

John Wick 2 he switches to a Taran Tactical Glock 34. I love my Glock 34.

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There has been a lot of progress with the VZ58 (VZ2008) in the last 5 years. They are available as short barrel rifle, in various alternative calibers (556 for example and I am sure I have seen a 308 somewhere) These VZ’s are very well made and consistent in the parts and manufacture. I think it is a shame when people make them an AR with all the plastic furniture at the front and the AR folding stock. I put spruce handmade furniture on mine and use two of the Ramlite products, the magnetic dust cover rail at the back and their laser clamp at the front.

I like these guns from ‘Kingsmen’ movie. They are Colt Hammerless (1903?) they resemble Tokarevs a little bit too.
Note under frame mounted grenade launchers (?)

Beretta 92 was the first gun I ever purchased. Thanks go out to John McClane in Die Hard.

Dirty Harry Smith and Wesson 29 took me afew years to get my hands on one

I can’t think of one specific example at the moment but Burt’s rec room from the movie Tremors inspired me to make my collection much bigger. :slight_smile:

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Vektor R5 in District 9. I’ve always been a classic Galil fan. It’s a darn shame they don’t make 'em anymore.