Movie Thread / Reviews


A thread to post for worthwhile movies perhaps?

Got the idea as I watched Amazons Last Flag Flying yesterday and if your a vet or have deep patriotism I can certainly recommend watching it.


Looks good. Wife and I will give it a watch.
Cool thread idea as well.


Looks good to me. Only if I could see straight with tears in my eyes and get back to work. Thank you Robert.


I would like to see a movie made of A. Americans Going home books.




Well. I’m glad I ate dinner before those mover trailers. Getting back on schedule oldies but goodies with a fair amount of gun- fu I would recommend District 9 and Heat!


John Wick and the Accountant were really good.


Never seen the accountant, but I’ve heard good things.


Shit! That’s my 1st ex-mother in law! Knew I shoulda buried her deeper!:astonished:



The Accountant is a really great movie. One of the best Affleck’s roles I think.
My advice:



So the wife and I watched this (Last Flag Flying) last night. Was a great movie. Noticed it had a five star rating and I’d have to agree. Hadn’t even heard of it. Thanks for the recommendation.



Amazon seems to do very well with their movies.

That one had a wide field of view I thought

(scope pun intentional)


Really? That pun was so bad it made me MOAn.

Sorry. :pensive:


That was not my Objective


:confounded:. You win.

Please disregard this portion. Had to get past 20 characters.



Your lack of windage while in my cross hairs puts elevation in my day without any parallax error

omg go ahead and re-MOAn I deserve it


Calm Dow cowboy. You’re going ballistic.