Movie Thread / Reviews


A thread to post for worthwhile movies perhaps?

Got the idea as I watched Amazons Last Flag Flying yesterday and if your a vet or have deep patriotism I can certainly recommend watching it.


Looks good. Wife and I will give it a watch.
Cool thread idea as well.


Looks good to me. Only if I could see straight with tears in my eyes and get back to work. Thank you Robert.


I would like to see a movie made of A. Americans Going home books.




Well. I’m glad I ate dinner before those mover trailers. Getting back on schedule oldies but goodies with a fair amount of gun- fu I would recommend District 9 and Heat!


John Wick and the Accountant were really good.


Never seen the accountant, but I’ve heard good things.


Shit! That’s my 1st ex-mother in law! Knew I shoulda buried her deeper!:astonished:



The Accountant is a really great movie. One of the best Affleck’s roles I think.
My advice:



So the wife and I watched this (Last Flag Flying) last night. Was a great movie. Noticed it had a five star rating and I’d have to agree. Hadn’t even heard of it. Thanks for the recommendation.


Really? That pun was so bad it made me MOAn.

Sorry. :pensive:


:confounded:. You win.

Please disregard this portion. Had to get past 20 characters.


Calm Dow cowboy. You’re going ballistic.


One more move, how about sucker punch!


Try human centipede next.


I posted it already.