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Wait. What jokes? I thought these was pearls o’ wisdom.


Ive got some pretty good ones too but I call them colorist jokes so it dosnt sound so bad.


Therein lies the rub. Any funny joke is going to be at the expense of someone. That used to not be such a problem. There are plenty of Irish jokes but none could ever offend me. These days too many people take offense to anything. (Full30 forum members excluded of course.)

And as funny as some jokes in me arsenal are, there may be some folks that may puruse this site, take offense and throw a tizzy over it. So I’ve nothing appropriate to start a joke thread about.

Perhaps someday we can throw a full30 party and tell our jokes around a beer fueled camp fire.

Anyone got any good gun jokes?


Yea but they are about trannies, which would offend Robert ,so no I dont.


Wait for it… I can smell him thinking.


Is that what you call it?


It just occurred to me that we could all go get some coffee at the local donut shop then go to Starbucks to use their wifi to converse here. They ain’t throwing anybody out anymore even if you don’t buy anything.


Cool, I will wear a Trump wig and an NRA shirt


Holy derailed thread, Batman! :crazy_face:



Is it good? How would you rate it on a scale of 1 to 10? 1 being “Jack and Jill” and 10 being “The Godfather” or “The Brave Little Toaster”.


That wasn’t bad. A bit predictable but at least it had some “out of the box” ideas.


this series is not too terrible for a day inside when you dont have or want to do anything better…


i like the way you think


One of my favorite, hence my screen name



Are you Chuck Norris?



Theres some raunchy sex scenes, so dont put it on around older folks,kids, sensitive people, etc.


Great cartoon though but weird animation for this type of movie . It seemed like a dirty walt disney flick.