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Timothy Olyphant is underated as an actor. Both Deadwood and Justified were great.





The last Boy Scout!


This is a very very good move. Near and dear to me.




Man Joe you really love the dark movies don’t you. Reminds me of a quote from Fredrick Nietzsche - “He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.”


Lol sometimes I enjoy dark movies other times I prefer Disney or Pixar. I only watched the first half of this one but it was pretty humourous for the most part.



Love that movie but I liked the boat scene more.



Here’s a movie that may date me a little bit, however it is one that struck a very powerful chord within me the first time I seen it back in the day, and still to this day if I were to watch it again, I know it will affect me the same way.

I can’t say that about any other movie except perhaps “Full Metal Jacket”.


Last Man Standing. Don’t forget all the amazing things that a 1911 can do in this movie, plus it has Bruce Dern.


Maybe I’ve just become an old grouch, but most movies these days seem unrealistic and barely even loosely connected to the real world.
Like they are made by and for folks who just read comic books.
Oh, excuse me, graphic novels.
So I watch a lot of the older westerns instead.
Better stories, much better morals and values, too.
Guess I have lots of company with all the movie channels that specialize in the old ones.
Actors with excellent diction helps a bunch, too.
Check them out on GRIT, NOIR, GTV, HDNET, GETTV and Turner Classics.
See if you don’t agree.


Last Man Standing is incredibly unrealistic but it’s just a bit of fun. Bruce Dern is hilarious. Never read ‘graphic novels’. Aren’t they just big comic books? But you’re right- lots of fantasy. As long as you go into it with that mindset it can be entertaining.


Last night I watched an episode of the old Hondo tv series.
Afterward, I wondered about the historical accuracy, since there were many references to real people of the era.
Searched it (ain’t the web grand), and found the writers got it all right, down to the most minute details.
These days, there’s no excuse for not getting things accurate.
Imagine the effort it took to get things right back then(1967).


Have you seen “Open Range”? Its a newer western with Robert Duvall and Kevin Cosner.


Recently watched this. I liked it. Definitely written by someone that doesn’t understand exposing your enemies weakness and capitalizing on it but, they eventually get there. If you don’t over think, it’s a good movie.