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I thought it was good also, my personal experience is that some of us think in terms of what if just in case or even as a mind exercise,as in exposing the enemy’s weakness , but a good segment of the sheep think it is paranoid to think that way. Just remember, it’s not paranoia if they are really after you. :wink:


@Festus Be cordial to everyone, but you best have a plan to kill them.


I can’t be cordial to hollyweird when almost all of those libturds hate us firearm owners, of course they do, their demoncrap scum. They make million$ killing millions on screen which brainwashes the brain dead of their shithole cities to act out in same. Then they have ARMED bodyguards while braying you should NOT. 2-faced POS- harvey shitstains BFF’s till he got caught.
Treat their livelihood the way they treat you. SCREW hollyweird over. Pirate their product - distribute it FREE.
Fight back or roll over - your choice


Being cordial doesn’t cost you anything, and it’s one of the things that separates us from them. We are better than how they act.


And they are winning on almost all fronts outside of Trump stirring the pot.


When I spoke of a reasonable discussion vs screaming vulgarities I was mostly talking about one on one or small group discussions . It probably wouldn’t work once mob rule takes over.


It might have do with the fact that that thry are making a sequel. Their might be some fighting back in that one.


Who doesn’t like “Dirty Harry”?

I mean really. The original movie that started the 44 Magnum craze!


A few more favorite oldies…

McQ (1974) – I’m Up To My Butt In Gas!

The Great Escape, 1963, Steve McQueen

The Deer Hunter (1978)

White Lightning (1973)

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry (1974) Original Theatrical Trailer

To Live and Die in L.A. Official Trailer


I just watched the new Purge movie. It’s not terrible. Spoiler Alert
It makes sense though. A government experiment trying to ease economic drains and reduce the population of non producers… eliminate the welfare recipients under the guise of total freedom for 12 hours. I didn’t care much for the drug lord being the hero. No way an animal like that would ever step up. He sure as hell doesn’t care about the community. He poisons them on a daily basis.


It was a bit far fetched for me. I surely hope we never come to that.


1968 - Bullitt !!! :sunglasses:


I see your bullitt and raise you a Mach 1 !!!



I had a 96 Cobra SVT & a 2013 5.0.


Nice life. (Sigh) My first car (in 1972) was a '61 Rambler Classic. Like this one if you just picture it beat to hell, dripping oil & coolant with bald tires and bad breaks. Oh and blue smoke coming out its arse.


Nice! The 2013 is right behind the mach1


Beautiful car! You still own it?


No, but I wish. My buddy Ben owns it, Mickey owns the Mach 1. I have the 1967 Ford galaxie. We are all at a car show for the weekend.


Awesome car! Good luck!