Moving recoil shoulder back for commander

Using a government frame for a commander build will typically require moving the recoil shoulder back 0.080"-0.100".so the disconnector completely clears the breach face

I saw a MosinVirus video long time ago where he filed his own cutter, shimmed the guide with aluminum shims, and used a drill motor. I cheated, had fox tool grind a 11/16 pilot cutter to 0.663 and put a .030 radius on the corner, and used a mill.

I run the cutter real slow, 200-300 RPM


Found a couple photos of the cutter


You need my address to ship those to. :grin:


There not that bad, think I got the cutter for 40 or 50 bucks and maybe 20-25 bucks for Fox Tool to re-grind. Use Fox to keep all my end mills sharp, send them a box 2 or 3 time a year. Very reasonable prices.
Did this, wanted a long reach .365 for bow tie cut on less then 80% frames, also could use for Nowlin ramp cut if I needed.
Started with a 7in solid carbide 0. 375 and had it resized to 0.365 bottom 2 inches.