Mrgunsngear Banned From Facebook For Boosting A Post About A Medal of Honor Recipient



I invited him to swing by our forum, no reply yet. Eventually we’ll be all that’s left & he’ll have no choice lololol


Theres actually a few other places but none quite like this place. It would be cool if he came over here though.


yeah, he’s cool. Hope he comes and joins us.


It would be nice to have the forums grow.


Suckerberg and his minions are trying to outdo Hitler and the Nazi’s…


Facistbook is just another anti-social media site full of thin skinned scared of their own shadow and offended by their own name cowards.


Brainwashing the morons daily pays off.
Don’t upset the propaganda cart or be banished to FB jail like Steve.

Kicked me to the curb for these.