Music Thread / Recommendations


And of course there seem to be a fair bit of Irish amoungst us. So…


Something I hope to do someday, pass down “Granddaddy’s Gun” cause I’m a “Country Boy”…




Good studio version, original line-up.


If you never could understand all the words, this video has the translation.


You tried, I tried, I didn’t even see a squirrel and got distracted,

a bit slow for my taste, and no raunchy guitar,

Unlike yours this one is more enjoyable if you do not understand the lyrics



Let’s not forget sweet Alice


If you love the factory brake on a SCAR 17, and I know we are limited

then you should love this band

9 members, 3 percussionists,

and my 2nd favorite band, seen them live twice and had pit tickets front/center the second time


@Robert Watched the Ramstein vid. I’ll never be the same.



As a friend I have to warn you not to wonder off watching other Rammstein concert video’s. (seriously don’t do it)

I’ll be sure not post anything I don’t feel is recoverable from.

I’d hope you could watch the Slipknot video for the sake of the drum solo, er, trio, awesome drums in that video


I can do that, reminds me of Deicide, which I wont post

but Pantera, you bet



The one with giant hang-dang?


Pantera is the shiz-nit. Whats wrong with slipknot music videos? The dead body and maggot stuff reallywasnt that bad.


Here’s a band I’ve seen live and it was the loudest concert I’ve been to,largely due to being in a courtyard where the sound was trapped and amplified

the band was tagged by the FBI as a gang in their 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment which is larger than most phone books, the band sued the FBI, lost, and the appeal went nowhere as The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the report carries no direct legal consequences.

Imagine that.

@jf89 some Slipknot videos could qualify as short horror films


ICP is retarded, complete trash. Slipknot has pretty good music videos.


Just go to the circus or rodeo, them clowns are more entertaining and not pussies.