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This will be the new national anthem at this rate.




But I dont own any AKs. I bet that song plays in a lot of AK builders shops.




Sometimes your perceptions are so wrong
I don’t as many others beleive in communism at all whatsoever
My love of combloc weapons comes from them being robust and simple to maintain and repair
I’m a simplicity kind of person
I could care less about communism and it’s idiotic doctrine
We play country music


It was just a joke, not meant to be taken serious, same way that you throw shit at AR15 users from time to time :wink:

I do not seriously think AKs or all AK users are commies, in the same way that I dont think all Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian etc people are communists. I have owned AKs in the past and speak pretty highly of my old Saigas.

So all that being said, we are on the same side, we just prefer different tools. No offense intended.


I apologize I didn’t mean it as a slight
I just here that crap all the time at work with customers and employees they think it’s hilarious
But I’m more of a patriot then any of them
Sorry you took it that way brother


I was just preventing an argument here, we are better than lol
I know how you feel though, I have people constantly trying to tell me how much of an unreliable, finicky, bitch rifle my AR is despite the fact that I have ran it hard and like the little bastard.
It is Apples to Oranges, the whole thing is just hazing though.


@Giantspeed kind of strange that the fellow calling you a commie has bright fiery red hair almost identical to the commie flag… I wouldn’t put up with that shit!


F**k you, comrade


Now you’re propsitioning? I know you’re from Oregon, but This ain’t broke back mountain


You made the offer, but I’m not judging you… I know the left coast is a little “different”


I’m just kidding, I know Strawberry Shortcake could never be a commie…


She’s a food?


I know it’s a food also, But I also know since I have a daughter, that it’s a damn doll! a doll that cost me many of paychecks in stupid toys! LOL