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I tried, but I don’t have the patience to search 611 posts to see if this song has been recommended. It didn’t show up in the search. So, if it isn’t here, check it out. If it is, oh well, listen to it, again. It’s awesome. Lol. And don’t get me started how the image is a revolver for a song called American Rifle.




you knew that was looming


Never been to Iraq. But, the premise is still valid. Lol


Spent 72 months there and yea he came out at least a couple of times that I can remember. Did see Filter and Drowning Pool though. My buddies said Ted Nugent was playing at some point but I can’t confirm. Oh, how can I forget I seen 50 cent. Lol Yea, he sucked. At least he came out there though.


I ended up in a Spanish speaking country where no one cared enough to come to. Lol. All that time and money teaching me to kill Muslims and I had Catholic people shooting at me. Lmao. Oh, good times. The big green weenie :cucumber: Lmao


Did it have anything to do with pineapples?:pineapple:Grenada? (Sp?) Be glad anyhow. Oh,not to get off track but the soldier heading up the “Go fund me” for the wall was in Balad.


I’m not that old. Lol. And I didn’t know tat it was even a soldier heading that up. I’m outta the loop, I guess. Probably from refusing to watch any of the mainstream news. Lol