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“All Out Life” is like a perfect return to form for Slipknot. Corey Taylor sounds fantastic throughout.


Couldnt agree more, good stuff.


I just love the drive & energy

we are not your kind!
Yours does not mean mine (Mine!)
Old does not mean dead (Hey!)
I challenge you to all out fucking life


Old does not mean dead
New does not mean best
No hard feelings
I’m tired of being right
About everything I’ve said
Yours does not mean mine
Kill does not mean die
We are not your kind
No excuses
I challenge you to all out fucking life

The lead guitar REALLY drives the song as well, from the intro to the chorus, Mick Thompson just absolute shreds. I appreciate how Taylor also goes between singing and talking throughout the song, similar to early Slipknot. Even the video is spot on to their previous work. I haven’t followed Slipknot too much (I’ve never been a huge fan besides Duality/The Devil in I/Psychosocial/Before I Forget), but I know they’ve been on hiatus and have recently reformed. If All Out Life is any portents of their upcoming album, I’ll absolutely take it.

It’s neat to see a resurgence of rock and metal Lately. Slipknot, In Flames, Soilwork, As I Lay Dying and Parkway Drive. It’s like the 2000s called and want metal back on the radio.



Binging on Southern Rock, lately. Came across this. Real good quality. I never could understand all the lyrics until now.


Great pic 58marine, The Outlaws Rock👍