Music Thread / Recommendations


Great historical footage, and what comes right after this video is a sad albeit perfect reminder of the consequences of the utter stupidity and ambition of politicians.


Where is a good place to buy and download music other than Amazon?


This is a good free and secure music site.


No hablas Español? :wink:

The search bar function (buscar) isn’t language dependent with regards to looking for songs.



LOL, Spanish or Portuguese. I need something i can download music to my phone. I dumped Sirrius radio a couple years ago. My head unit in the car is Bluetooth so i play everything straight from my phone. The free stuff always has a catch or some weird glitch. i dont mind buying but Amazon doesnt always have what I’m looking for.




This one is starting to hit too close to home…




Gonna slow things down with this and maybe broaden some horizons.
One of my favorite bands. Cowboy Junkies



I listen to a broad range of music. Recently its been Apocalyptica and Dean Martin. For you Disturbed guys David Draiman and a former guitarist for Filter came out with a good album. I guess the album was out in 2013 but I had not heard of it until recently.