My 80% AR10 🍿


I had begun this thread previously and removed.

Having done my share of builds on stripped lowers, 80% “Glocks” and most recent RIA 1911 Kit I wanted to do an AR 80 and decided on an AR10 and then a Noreen 80 for the name, being billet and the sale price.


For a jig I decided on a Juggernaut Tactical Ultimate Jig for the option to do most any AR caliber from 9mm through .500 Auto Max



Currently I have emails in to both companies on what appear to be compatibility issues.

First I discovered I could not even assemble the jig with the lower in place, bolts were to short and a thread popped before any actual tightening began

Some abbreviated email correspondence with Juggernaut:


and also


and I’m still emailing with them, all good.

While working it out I got 2.5" bolts and cut down .250, this snugged things up nicely.

The next thing to happen that make’s it look as though these two do not play well together is that the top plate on the jig is supposed to allow side-to-side movement for centering the pocket cuts but is maxed out, no movement at all.

But, that should mean it is centered, right?

To be able to tell I tried to thread the alignment tool through the buffer threads to check.

Well, turns out that portion of the lower was 80% also, the threads did not go all the way through.

Like this


And I have emails in on this issue also,

While working it all out I ordered a tap

and found the alignment tool still did not fully reach the lower as it’s supposed to.

plus, its NOT centered and has no room for adjusting…

I’m not sure what will happen with this particular lower but I do not plan to toss in the towel, I may simply find a more compatible lower for this jig and plan to keep this updated as it concludes.


Hang tough Brother. Next on the tools the garage needs list is the htp welder.


Looks like a really good jig. Having a good jig makes everything easier. I’ve done 5 or 6 80% so far, but not an AR10, yet.


I hope to be able to help you and others with my experience :sunglasses:


there are 2 different types of AR10’s…Armalite and DPMS…is the jig made for your lower ? maybe you have wrong jig/lower combo ?


Thanks for the thought, I am a fan of Armalite but made sure to steer clear thus far of mixing the two.


Thou its not an 80%, it is going to be my first build. Some parts are already ordered. Juggernaut Tactical AR10 receiver set.


What are your thoughts on a trigger? I’ve tested out several.


I have checked out a ton of reviews and talked to a lot of people about triggers. I am ultimately going with the Rise Armament RA-434 AR10 trigger. In my mind one of the best triggers for the money. A 3.5 lb, drop in for $160. Compared to the Timney, Elfmann and other more expensive triggers, it stands up and holds it own in quality and performance. Can’t beat it for the money.


I’ve had great results with the velocity trigger drop in. Great price, and crisp break. But the top trigger I’ve tested, and now have in three of my own guns is the ELFtman. Hard to beat the crisp 2 stage trigger. Reset is super short and fast. The cost is about $100 more than the velocity. But hands down top shelf trigger on my wall is a digiTrigger v1.2 It’s not cheap in any sense. But a 1# digital trigger is like breathing on it to fire. RA makes a good trigger, I’m just spoiled.


I’m watching this thread with baited breath.

Edit: at least you’re not this guy.


Ya, that’s kind of illegal. It’s no longer an 80% lower.


At the very least he should have his drill press taken away from him.


You sure?

Its from his private collection and he’s not manufacturing for commercial $$$ purposes…


“Can anyone make firearms and sell them? With certain exceptions, and subject to any state law that might apply, as long as an individual is not prohibited from possessing a firearm, he or she can make a firearm for personal use. If an individual wants to manufacture and sell firearms, he or she is required to obtain a license, and mark each firearm manufactured in accordance with 27CFR 478.92 [18 U.S.C. 923(i), 26 U.S.C. 5822]”

Long story short, transferring a firearm, which a lower receiver is, even at a lose, IE, give it away, is still transferring a firearm.


Careful. You forgot the “I am not a lawyer” disclaimer.


Well, that’s from the ATF web site, hence the " "


since it is not complete it is not a firearm, BTW 80% is only a retail catch word and has no legal bearing.


Regarding the 80% vs 100% I distinctly remember that ATF published a letter where they said that even slight machining in the trigger pocket area was changing the non-firearm into a firearm. Then firearm laws apply. Whether it is legal for someone to transfer a now-firearm-per-ATF infrequently (not being engaged in business of doing so) I am not sure about since I live in CA where this is a big no-no.


I created this thread last sunday and emailed a link to both Noreen and Jtactical along with invite links,

it appears to me to be a perfect way for both to work with their customer base, right now there is a compatibility issue on the table, good stuff to learn from IMO

As to each company when I emailed Noreen about the buffer thread issue they responded


and when I expressed further the issue was incomplete threads they replied


As part of this hobby is having to deal with pieces/parts that need work or otherwise are not perfect I ordered the tap, and let them know along with this link and invite, no further replies since from them, though none are required and they may not have time for such things,

Jtactical replied back to the link and my invites this last friday


I haven’t done anything further with this build as of yet and the Noreen lower may be shelved and replaced with a more compatible lower to/for the jig.