My 80% AR10 🍿


I got a Polymer80 Warrhog 308 I’m going to finish out as a temporary lower. We shall see how it holds up to the beating.


Yikes! What a nightmare!

I did an 80% dpms 308 from 5D Tactical. Their multi-platform router jig pro completed their 7075-T6 lower with ease. The jig is really nice. There’s a router plate with a robust bearing and the side plates have steel reinforced drill guides. The only real issue I had was needing to get a mini-router because the router that I had was not compatible with their router plate.

Not sure if their jig will work with your lower specifically but I can’t imagine it not working if it is a dpms compatible lower. The jig mounts to the lower with the front take down pin and the buffer tube.Assuming the width of your lower is approximately that of other lowers then I can’t imagine there being any problem at all.


The 5d jig is the best one I’ve seen
You do have to buy a compatible router if you don’t already own one
I’ve seen lowers completed in 40 mins with it
It’s a bit messy though if you don’t hook up a vacuum source


It took me longer than 40 minutes to complete…

I used a really old Craftsman variable speed drill… which drilled really really slowly. Also the 7075 aluminum is quite hard so I found that shaving off a very thin layer (1/16" or less) at a time worked best for getting a really clean finish.

I made a video of my experience.

I plan to add other videos of my build up of my 80% AR-15 and AR-10 (or is it LR-10? DPMS-10? AR-308?) as I finish producing them.


Iwill give it a watch