My article on Pistol Conceal Carry holsters: Hip (belt) holsters.

Before I begin, you must use a holster if you carry a handgun. sticking it in your belt or sock is just stupid. Also Law Enforcement knows that criminals don’t use holsters and good guys do. Why? Guns are a tool to a criminal and if he must ditch the gun, they don’t want evidence they had a gun on them. So wear a holster!


Us fat boys cant wear hip holsters. Too much of me gets in the way.
Thats why I use a Mitch Rosen shoulder rig.


I was forced to do strong-side IWB one class. It hurt a lot because I’m skinny at it was hitting my hip bone. The instructor said it’s because mine was a (wide) single-clip holster that didn’t conform to my body. If I had one with spread out clips that curved more, that would have worked better.


I like the crossbreed holsters . I have a couple of the super tuck models and a rouge that is setup for owb . And you are right that being skinny makes it inportant to get a holster that fits you .