My cane scared people


Last week my daughters doctors office told me my cane scared them and they didn’t want anyone to get hurt. Yep, they really said that, not sure how my cane is going to hurt anyone. Well, anyways, my sister told me I’m being a jerk for using a cane like I have and I should be more respectful. Sure, what ever. So I started to make a less scary cane, you know, for the snowflakes that might wet themselves.


Mount a bayonet and Write “I love you” on the side of it, plenty friendly.


I’m digging it. I almost want to pay you to make one of those for my father-in-law. He’d get a kick out of it.


I bet you could sell those faster than you could make them. At top dollar too.


Believe it or not I tried for a year, didn’t sell a single one. Lucky I only made 2 extras, which I still have.


How much? :cowboy_hat_face:


I was asking $99 shipped. They are solid oak.


Let me ask the accountant … wife … and see what she thinks.


Sounds good, got two of the AR canes left.


What method of payment?


Paypal is what I use.



Ugh… Paypal HATES guns. Sorry, but they sh!t the bed a long time ago for me. Money order?


Ya, I can do that. The only problem paypal has with guns is full firearms, receivers, and magazines over 10 rounds.


Actually, it wasn’t the gun thing that made me dump paypal.Thats just another reason to not use them. Anyway, I dont see an option for PMs. Is all communication here public?



AWESOME CANE… Give them snowflakes hell…


LOL, I get a lot of that online. I am the all mighty melter of snowflakes.


You should run for office then.


My wife keeps telling me that. She says if I’m going to be such an A-hole, I should get paid to do it and be a pro. I keep telling her I’m not an A-hole, I’m a hemorrhoid, I irritate A-holes.


KeithP, click on someone’s username and there is an envelope you can click on for communicating by private message.