My Current Build... And my long trip to the AR10

Back Story Feel Free to skip Long Story to “coming home” with the AR10

It started with tales my uncle told from being an Army Ranger in Vietnam he derided the AR15 as Made by Mattel garbage. He carried a “confiscated AK47” and a M79 for his time there. So when I went off to serve after 9/11 when the Drill SGT held up the M16 asking what it was I stated “an over priced woodchuck gun.” Paid for that. Carried many variants while serving eventually was a DM in Afghanistan got an accurized M14 that was dragged out of some back room. Loved it… well at first. Thing couldn’t handle the rough terrain and rough handling. Kept going “out of spec” frustration ensued the rifle would go from sub moa tack driver to 6-8 moa POS after the slightest fall or rough use. Back to 3rd shop she would go and out came my annoying yet always reliable and dead nut accurate AR DMR (a pieced together MK12 MOD 0). By the end of my 18 month tour it had me re-evaluating what I thought I knew. The MK12 I could grab it by the barrel and bludgeon something to death with it and it still held Sub MOA. I just didn’t like the 5.56 fodder. But all the AR10s I saw weighed in the 9-12lb class empty.

Once out of the service I was still bit hard by the bullpup bug. Handled quite a few while in the Army and loved the characteristics. Once KelTec released their RFB in the real cartridge (.308) I was smitten. Ran it for a while putting through its paces and the thing ran like a top! Only real complaint was it was 1.5-2 MOA rifle a solid Meh. Then it had a catastrophic failure and almost a year to get it back from KT couldn’t trust it after that. Also got a new LE job that let you carry any AR you wanted (as long as it was 5.56). So I built and ran dozens until I had 2 that worked for 90% of my applications.

And that’s where the story would have ended until two things happened: 1) Policy changed allowing for .308 and 2) Desert Tech announced the MDR. I instantly jumped on the group buy and was all in. Then waited and waited and waited. And DT kept changing the timeline, and the specs. Finally I had enough of DTs shenanigans and pulled my money. Also AR10s were now way lighter. I almost bit the bullet on a POF Revolution Warhog but then decided to build my own based on a 2A Xanthos receiver and Brownells newly released Titanium BCG. A dream build followed now I have a rocking AR10 that weighs 6 lbs naked!!! That is insane I would have gave my left testicle for a rifle like this in the service.

sorry for the novel but it’s taken me a decade to come home to the AR10.


So I wanted a do all rifle in .308. I have more trigger time behind an AR than all other platforms combined by some magnitude (thanks to Uncle Sam). Was awed by the sheer quality for a lightweight build. I didn’t want anything skeletonized because this will be a working rifle. So here is what went into my Xanthos:

-2A Armament Xanthos Receiver Set

-Brownells Titanium BCG
-AXTS Raptor Charging Handle
-V7 Hyperliter Hanguard MLOK (10.75”) & Barrel Nut
-Faxon Match Series- 16" Heavy Fluted, 308 WIN, 5R, 416R, Nitride, Nickel Teflon Extension (Not the lightest Barrel out there but checked all my boxes so I splurged a little in the weight department)
-Nitrided Mid Length Gas Tube
-Superlative Arms Adj Gas Block (Again not the lightest but think they are top tier)
-LANTAC Dragon/ Silencerco Break (Again not the lightest)
-Strike Industries Ultimate Dust Cover


-2A Armament Titanium Take Down Pins
-Noveske 60% STS (Not a fan of BADASS or ambi selectors flame me)
-Geissele SD-E Trigger Group
-KNS Anti-Rotation Trigger Pins
-V7 Titanium Mag Release
-Larue Apeg Grip (Not the Lightest but fits my hand perfectly)
-V7 Lightweight Grip Screw
-Phase 5 One Piece Extended Bolt Release
-V7 Lightweight Endplate and Castle Nut
-V7 Lightweight 11 Position Receiver Extention (Buffer Tube)
-JP Enterprises Silent Capture Buffer
-Daniel Defense Stock (wanted the lightest stock with no wobble, an actual recoil pad, and SIDE QD mounts)

All internals and the Receiver Extention are NP3+ treated by ROBAR. The exterior was dipped then clear cerakoted in Kryptek Mandrake by Tarjac Custom. Used those two because they have lifetime warranty on their work.

Incedentals- PRI fixed front, ARMS flip rear sight, AIMPOINT CompM4, Custom Blue Force Gear Sling, BCM forgrip, and NiteCore P10GT Flashlight and offset mount


And now the pics:


Looks like one hell of a set up!!!


First 100 rounds down range (20 PMC 147 gr FMJ, 20 Hornady 150 gr Soft Point Whitetail Hunter, 60 Federal 168gr Gold Medal Match) . She can group!

But having issues: stove piping frequently. Casing half way out of the chamber with a fresh round almost completely chambered, on a empty mag- three times the bolt locked to the rear and an empty casing was sitting on top of the mag (I believe facing to the rear.)

Did the usual diagnostic:
1: checked 3 different manufacturer mags (magpul 25 rd(x2) KAC 20 rd (x2), Lancer 25 (x2) 20 And 10 (x3)) worse was with magpul almost every other round but did it with the others as well.
2: Checked Extractor And Ejector- dissembled Bolt all parts as they should be, reassembled bolt and did the ol put a live round in the extractor with thumb pressure and engage the ejector, release and ejector should through the round clear, reassembled rifle and hand cycle through a mag (JP Bolt so passed function and defect check)
3: Bolt was dripping wet with Lube (Brownells Titanium BCG with JP Silent Capture Buffer break in I always soak everything with an AR even though it is NP3 coated)
4: remove Upper and bolt drop round into the chamber and see if it falls free. A smidge tight but no worse than any of my proof match .223 Wylde barrels.

So I think it might be over gassed I was running it full open for the break in with the adjustable gas block. Might be way too much with the Titanium BCG. Also my shoulder has got a good bruise on it now. Didn’t notice it while shooting but notice it now.


Nice rifle. What kind of paint job is that?


Kryptek Mandrake (dipped then clear Cerakoted)