My experience with daily SHTF for 4 days - show your SBRs

Well not truly TEOTWAWKI (you would have noticed if it was), but still SHTF for us.

Approximately a year ago we woke up to fixed and rotary wing aircraft buzzing our locale. A neighbor called to clue us in that a cop killer was in our area. The entire hill locked and loaded. We put off going shopping during that time to make life easier for the cops manning the road blocks. OK and not to put ourselves through that and to keep our bailiwick safe. We hunkered down, but we’re rural folks and can stay holed up for a very long time without outside support.

But I had to take care of the livestock. Initially I tried a slung suppressed AR15 while the wife kept an eye on the treeline, but it was just too long and got in the way. Removing the can was an option but it still was the pits. So I settled on a bullpup, specifically a KelTec RDB sans can. That was better but still not ideal.

Our situation means no shots over 100 yards, so I hit on a B&T GHM9 SBR solution*. I take it on walks and it’s just “not there”, yet instantly available if a rabid animal needs attention. It would be every bit at home slung while doing chores . Putting a suppressor on it doesn’t make it noticeably longer than a bullpup, but since it’s slung on my back it’s definitely out of the way and much less bulky.

*Arm bracing it would have worked, but I also use it for USPSA Action Pistol shooting now and it must be SBRed to be “legal” for PCC division so don’t give me grief about it :smiley: . It was arm braced while I waited for the tax stamp to be returned to me but I couldn’t use it for competition in that configuration.

Here it is today set up for competition but with options (including a B&T folding wire stock) more or less in place. FWIW, B&T bends over backwards to make their customers happy. I won’t go into details but they are phenomenal to do business with! I’ll leave it at that.
It is highly modified and has a 1# 6-7ounce Gisselle trigger with short reset, but that’s not the end of the mods.

It was my 2nd SBR. The first one was to see just how small a .22 SBR, for storage, that I could make using readily available off the shelf parts. The brainchild was born from a MAC video from Tim and a Copper Custom 10/22 Charger adapter. It makes for a very small packable gun but also wonderful for Steel Challenge competition in rimfire rifle open division. That was discovered after the build. Yes, again, an arm braced gun would not be legal for rifle competition. I’d need to check the rules to see if it was legal for handgun division Steel Challenge with an arm brace but common sense tells me that it wouldn’t be.

Here’s my 1st SBR built from a Ruger 10/22 Charger handgun. Again, highly modified. Can competitors resist modifying their guns? I think not.
No part of the gun is over 12" long. Remove the sight and it gets as wide as the stock. It can be assembled in seconds.

And ready for competition, or just ready for a walk with the wife, minus the sling.


My 300bo noveske 8.2”


Nice SBR firing a great cartridge! Good zombie rifle!

Not NFA, but I have a Desert Tech MDR coming in that with it’s Amtac over the barrel can might be SBR length; your’s will beat it for less weight. I’ll know more in 2 days. It’s been a very long 28 month wait. :smiley:

I have a .300 BLK conversion on order and that’s the real reason I ordered the gun. But no one can buy one in .300 BLK from the DT shop. Only conversions can be ordered. Strange, but I don’t make their rules.