My first AR-15 -- and its related topic


I decided my procrastination for my first AR-15 rifle isn’t a good thing considering this current climate so negative at these “evil black rifles” so I’ve decided to get to building my first one a little early just in case something stupid happens like a ban. My overall budget was about $700 so I got pretty close to it (and yes I we specifically wanted this lower). I’ll eventually give this to my wife when I build an AR-10 in .308–assuming those still exist in a couple years.

So far I have…

Spike’s Tactical stripped lower (Calico Jack):

Bear Creek Arsenal complete upper (.223 Wylde):

Stock & hardware kit:

CMMG lower parts kit:

Grip to replace the CMMG above:

Foregrip (still need M-LOK to Picatinny adapter):

I also ordered a 40rd Magpul mag and a 30rd Magpul mag. This adventure of finding quality parts and such was quite difficult because almost everything else was out of stock that I’ve been looking at except for these. I’m satisfied with what I have, but I wanted to actually get a complete Spike’s upper in 5.56. This way saved me ~$400 or so so I’m happy. Plus I’ve heard good things about .223 Wylde.

Top 5 Battle Rifles...What are Yours?

I have two builds with the Bear Creek Arsenal uppers in .223 Wylde, purchased from Classic Firearms. One is very accurate, the other has a canted front sight post. I hate having my rear sight cranked almost all the way to the left to compensate. I need to get someone to fix the cant because I don’t have the tools. Both are built on Anderson lowers. One has an FDE Ergo pistol grip, the other has an O.D. green Magpul grip. One has FDE quad rails and the other has a standard fore grip that I cammoed with a paint swirl dip. One has an Israeli made 6 position Fab Defense butt stock with a magwell and mag release for holding an extra mag. I keep a 10 rounder in it at all times. The other has a black 6 position Blackhawk butt stock. The first one also has a Seekins aluminum expanded trigger guard, quick disconnects, and an O.D. green G.I. sling. It has a Magpul flip up rear sight, and I have a Grip Pod System bi-pod for it. I also have another UTG rear sight for it. The second has a Magpul expanded trigger guard, quick disconnects, and an O.D. green G.I. sling. The first one has the Anderson stainless lower kit with the stainless hammer and trigger. It’s smoother than the standard Anderson lower kit in the other one. The second one also has a picatinny carry handle with rear sight. They are not top of the line by any means but they suit me and I have about $1400 total into both builds. Both have the full M16 bolt, chrome lined. For the money, I have a couple of nice AR15s. I’ll probably upgrade the trigger in mine and put the stainless trigger and hammer in my wife’s AR. Hers is kind of gritty with that low end trigger group.


Good stuff! And suggestion on what ammo I should use in the beginning to see what it’s made of? Bought some basic Federal and Remington ammo in both .223 and 5.56 but was curious if something was better to use for the first time.


I mostly shoot the American Eagle .223 in 55 grain. Nothing fancy. Budget gun. Budget ammo. I try to keep my 5.56,…just in case. I’m more of the occassional casual shooter. I got lots of range time my 20 year career. I don’t feel compelled to shoot as often as some others. They say it’s a perishable skill, but for me, it’s more like riding a bike. Give me a few minutes in the seat, and I’m off to the races.


Good to know. I would love to shoot more but have limited time working weekends and opposite schedules with my wife. I’m fairly profecient with pistols but not so much with rifles…so I need to get some practice in. I’ve been able to get some good time in shooting my 9mm carbine but that is a whole other animal.

I’m ok with shooting some plain Remington green and white box or basic Federal ammo as you mentioned. Seems friendly enough on the wallet.


I’ve got the lower being completed now and it’ll be a few days and I’ll be ready to install the upper and furniture.

Other than an optic/red dot I need to change out the ejection port door (see pic).


He’s all done minus the pirate ejector port door and Magpul pistol grip (liking the CMMG grip). Going to call him Black Beard. Took him to the range today and partially zeroed my red dot at 25yds. Ran out of time so need to go back and continue to adjust it. The first shot was high but I did take it straight off of my 9mm carbine so I knew it would be way off on the first shot.


Very nice! Especially considering there’s no mention of issues. I recently bought my first AR15. It’s my daughters. It hated the steel cased stuff. Will feed any brass you give it. If you happen to reload, the CFE223 powder keeps things much cleaner.


Thanks Keith. I had zero trouble and zero malfunctions, ran pretty damn smooth. Thanks for the tip on the cleaner powder. Once I get a workspace I’d like to try my hand at reloading.


You have to be real careful about reloading… it can lead to an addiction!


What handgaurd is that in the pic?


It’s an M-LOK that came with my Bear Creek Arsenal complete upper. I can try to find out from BCA if you want?


I think it’s an actual Bear Creek Arsenal item. It’s a 15" M-LOK handguard. Here’s a couple links.


Awesome, thanks man.


Anytime! I’m glad I opted for the longer 15" version.


Another 140 rounds through and I’m happy with my choices. Wife got to have a go with it and with me only explaining the basics of how to use it she had no trouble and it seemed like second nature for her. She prefers this AR over my 9mm carbine…which is what I was hoping would happen because down the line it’ll be hers and I can build me my monster AR. :sunglasses:

Oh, and what round count does everyone prefer when cleaning? The internets seem to be all over the place with opinions… Hah.


I lube my ARs up at least every 3-500 rounds and dont clean them much, mines at around 3k without cleaning. I figure about 5k I might clean it lol.


Heres an article on an AR15 named filthy 14, it was owned by Pat Rogers. The AR hit around 40k with only one cleaning.


Thanks mate! Much appreciated.


There is something special about shooting a round you made out of a gun you built :sparkles: