My first AR-15 -- and its related topic


Hey, you should check out the Leupold VX-1 3-9x40mm scope. It’s compatible with numerous AR-15 staples. It’s equipped with lots of impressive features, and can be an ideal choice for a low price. If you need something cheap with unique features, this scope is it! Check out this review on it for more info


Thanks marksman. I think I’ll probably stick to a red dot since this was more of a home defense tool for my wife and myself with the occasional plinking. :+1: When and if I build an AR10 or something similar then I’ll want a proper piece of glass.


Checkout this guys article on setting up a combat rifle:
The guy is ex SF and is pretty knowledgeable although his language is “colorful”.


I clean my AR(s) and all of my guns the same day I shoot them. It’s how my dad taught me. He said, “never let a gun sit dirty because time will get away from you. Grime and time are a gun’s enemies. If you can’t clean it that same day, don’t shoot it.” He is 94 years old and has guns older than me that look like new, and he has used them plenty.


If you shoot steel case be sure to clean after every outing. The case is polymer coated to keep the steel from rusting and this will slowly coat your chamber till a case sticks. If you are shooting CFE 223 as @KeithP says, it helps. It leaves an odd residue… BUT… it smells really good so that makes up for it :slight_smile: I would recomend AR comp powder. I have some I will be trying with 77 noslers soon. It shows up almost everywhere as a good powder. When I check quick load to pick a powder that would fill or almost fill my case at a good velocity, it was right there on top of the list. High hopes for that one.

Anyways! For cleaning just make sure to lube the bolt and you should not have any issues shooting 500 without a full clean.


Thanks guys for the cleaning tips. We don’t use steel case ammo but we will be cleaning it tomorrow nonetheless. It’s just under the first 500rds or so.

My wife really loves this thing, so I gave it to her early. Next years bonus at work will either pay for an AR10, a really nice AK or a VEPR depending on how much I get.


Buy this:

the normal version of that pin is the most infuriating part of a build.
KNS’s version is a godsend