My first AR10


Finished building out my first AR10. Waiting on the magpul FDE stock. I got the wrong color scope mount shipped to me and im too lazy to return it.

Let me know what you think.


Now that is beautiful! I’m jealous.


Meh, I think you should ship it down to me, check it out better, looks like some issues,

no worries, I’ll fix them :sunglasses:


Looks great. I like the LUTH-AR stocks.


Scope mount matches the barrel finish looks great. @Greenwell_Armory what caliber is it?


.308 Win. Yeah that was the other reason I was thinking about keeping it. I like the luth stock too, can’t beat $40 but don’t know if I like that much black back there. Most of my ARs have been a hodge podge of parr’s this was the first one I planned and built out.


Very nice.


Thank you!


My issue now is headspace verification. Both the BCG and the barrel are BA (Hanson series :dollar:). Is there a way to check it without gauges? I don’t have any.


Poor mans headspace check

Take your BCG apart.
Placed a new piece of brass with a flush primer installed into the chamber, not a live round, just brass with primer. and insert the bolt
That will tell you if you have enough headspace especially since you can do it by hand.
Then use the firing pin to measure the freeplay/headspace tolerance of the chamber by sliding the firing pin into the back of the bolt and letting it touch the brass.
The plunger forces the brass forward into the shoulder leaving any freeplay at the bolt’s face.
The difference between the firing pin flush with the bolt face and with the brass in the chamber is your freeplay.
You can actually see the difference in the gap between the flat on the ring stop of the firing pin and the back of the bolt. If there is no gap, you have too much headspace.

Hope this helps.


Wild man technique

Load and Fire!


Yeah that’s how I normally do it. But I like my head a little more these days.


The thing about headspace is it’s a little over blown. It’s not a big issue as most barrels and bolts these days have very tight tolerances. Another method is to take an empty case with a good primer. Glue it to the end of a long rod. Put the case in the chamber with the rod sticking out the muzzle. Close the breech. Now see how much play there is. It should be help tight. If there’s movement you are at risk of blowing out the head of the case.


Question. Why is there a need for a primer in a empty case?


Because you’re using the firing pin to measure the headspace.


I guess I’m still not seeing how this would work or maybe I’m overthinking it. A good primer struck by a firing pin is deformed once it goes off and would not be a very accurate gauge of how much the case has moved forward. To me, at least, it would make more sense to fill the primer pocket of a empty case with a harder substance such as plastic. Less deformation IMO.


Check the instructions, nothing about striking the primer. Only measuring how far the firing pin moves.


Yep took it apart yesterday and rebuilt the upper to make sure the comp and the barrel but we’re torqued properly. What a pain. Also moved the barrel but shims to the proper side of the barrel extension ;). Be careful with YouTube!

Got it all back together. Now my crosshairs are not parallel to the ground. :roll_eyes:


The Internet is filled with a lot of information, much of it is wrong. Funny thing is I was talking about that very thing in a paper I wrote last week. Always try to talk to a certified gun smith. This is why I really want to build up a accurate how to section.


Rifle is looking nice, but how it shoots man?