My first ar15 rifle

So last year I set out to the gun store and bought me a spikes stripped crusader lower.

And we’ll you know how this went, a part here, part there next thing I know I’m in at about $2000.

Spikes lower
Geissele g2s
BAD and SI stuff
Bcm receiver extension kit
Solgw upper
Vtac mlok rail
Griffin armament m2 and muzzle brake
Surefire m600ib on an arisaka inline, I’m waiting for my tail cap and switch to come in.
Not pictured is my Steiner p4xi and adm mount because the optic has an illumination issue, I did buy it used and is the only thing I bought used.

Deal was too good I couldn’t pass up but I guess I’m paying for it now.

Couple other odds and ends are on the way as well, next is to get some plates and zero everything. That will have to wait until next spring.


How are you liking that Steiner?

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I wish I could get eye glasses with glass this clear.

I have bad luck, hell I can’t get a new surefire dsxx and st07 to work with a new m600ib.

And I can’t get anyone from surefire or optics planet to respond so.

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Great job. If you’re a big Magpul guy, try the CTR stock if you have too much (wiggle) movement with what you have. There are a thousand options out there though.

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I’m about to do this same adventure. Ironically with the same branded lower, only I’m going with the Calico Jack instead of Crusader. :smile:

Mine will cost less than yours but its good to get ideas from someone who just did the same thing!

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Got a working pressure pad and dual switch finally.


Looking good mate! As soon as I get my parts all in the mail in the next 7-10 days I’ll get picks of mine up.


It works!


Excellent! (To get 20 characters)


Update with Steiner p4xi, don’t bother, looks good but.