My first build.


OK, so I am collecting for my first build. It’s been put on hold for a while but I am about to order some more things come the end of the month. I will list the couple of things I have bought so far, and then my want list. If anyone sees anything that looks wrong or not compatible, or items I am forgetting,please tell me.

(List deleted)


Why do you need two sets of pins?

You will be super happy with your choice of trigger. Yes they cost a lot, but dang, I love mine so much I have two of them.


Do I have two pin sets listed? those are the take down pins

I saw several reviews on the trigger. It looks nice


Honestly I’ve put stupid money into AR builds and at the end of the day its just an AR, my advice, build a cheapy or two, if it sticks with you, progress from there


Besides putting too much money in this, is there anything I need changed or am missing?
I know its my first build, but one thing I have noticed is the consistent changing out of parts on ARs to always upgrade. I don’t want to change out my AR after it’s build. I would rather just build it upgraded from the beginning so that I’m not wasting even more money buying multiples of something.
But I appreciate your thought.

The only thing I can not decide on is compensator. I picked out a cheapy the Strike Industries J Comp Gen 2 but honestly I’m not sure.


Do you have a lower parts kit? This would include your detents and springs, trigger, takedown pins, safety selector, mag release, and bolt catch. It’s these little parts that people miss.


I have everything except the springs and detents. I will pick up some


You will need two each takedown detents and springs, one safety spring and detent, don’t forget the bolt catch, which is another spring and plunger, plus a roll pin.


Thanks. Added to my notes


Honestly @Robert made a excellent point
As a first build start with a cheaper kit and go from there
Do you really want to screw up a 300 dollar trigger group learning just my .02
As a gunsmith for a living I get a lot of buggered home builds built by folks with the same mentality that you have at the moment
And watch there faces fall when they have to replace exspensive parts because they were not spaced or installed correctly
I did not see a headspacing gauge on your list
This is a crucial tool in a properly running rifle
You also said 80% lowers
What company and how well were they completed and what jig did you use to do so


I have to agree with @Robert & @Giantspeed. Take small steps. You might find out that the “basic” parts will suit your needs quite nicely. With the money you would save by going basic, buy ammo, shoot and go from there. My 2 cents.


Will do. thanks everyone.


Just offering advice

When I wanted to start building 1911s from scratch I think I pestered @Mosinvirus 3 times a day with questions lol
He was always very helpful
We are all here for consultation and advice if you need


No, that’s fine. Besides not getting the trigger, what other parts should I not get that are on my list?


Just get a polymer80 and make it. Then get a LPK from anybody reputable. Faxon barrel good but a have used pencil barrel as light as a feather, mid length. Bear creek and ballistic advantage or brownells ok as well. low pro gas block and tube. Magpul grip and stock. slick upper from anderson., 13.5 Mlok free float from ohort . MBUIS sights for now


Lowers are easy to build, outside of not torquing the castle nut down to the right specs or busting the ear off the trigger gaurd area of the reciever there is very little room for error if you go slow. The upper is where fuck ups happen, imo. Go slow and bug @switchpod and everything should go smoothly. :rofl:

Kidding of course theres a dozen people here who can help you out too but you get my point.


I really like Aero Precision for budget stuff.


Thanks @jf89

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Agree aero is great. Spend your money on the important stuff. Barrel, bolt, trigger, scope or sights… mil spec everything else ok.


I guess that’s where I am confused because the trigger keeps getting mentioned as something I don’t need or is too expensive. I have watched video after video after video of people changing their ARs. I know that I want mine built right the way I would like it, the first time around.

I’m not building this as the first of many, I am building this as MY rifle in place of buying one of similar quality.

I’m open to suggestions on the parts or anything like gas tube that I am missing on the list or springs and detents. I knew I had to pick those up but they are small items.
I also have a list of tools and other things I will need also not listed here.
I’m confident in myself to do a good job, but I’m not feeling much confidence in the room. :rofl:

And I would hope I can come here when and if I needed help.