My first official FTR match results


(Sorry if this is in the wrong category If not let me know where I should post next time…and yes my last name is Sylvester like the kitty cat).
Finally got the results in from my first official FTR match. Guys and gals… I feel happy about it. The star marks me eligible for the mini palma team. If I shoot ok on Aug. 19th and am picked for the team, we shoot against the Canadians in september.

What does OW mean by the way? I did some searches but turned up empty.
Tips and advice are welcome. Was using a sinclair tactical bippd but just picked up a dolphin AB CF bipod I will try out in a matter of hours( I really should be sleeping).

Rifle is a savage 12 vlp chambered in .223. 82 bergers. I was happy because the wind was doing some odd things and it was hard to judge holdovers. Most the time I used a 1.5 moa hold.


Good job! (By the way, isn’t it puddy tat?)Screenshot_20180802-020505


Congratulations & good luck


Congrats on getting out and shooting!

Shooting sports are absolutely addicting, and incredibly rewarding.


Well done, and good luck.

I love shooting USPSA, even though I can’t move so good, and it’s very painful. It’s all worth it.


I hear you! I have a bad back myself and shooting prone probably isn’t helping… but I will do it till I cant. Thats what children are for right? To help me out of the prone when I get old? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Robert Thank you for moving this btw. I knew there was a better spot for it! :+1:



Renamed to make it more obvious :thinking:

IDK what OW is but appears to be part of the nights placement,
guess you’ll have to ask someone at the match


I asked one of the Palma guys (Larry Racine). He said its Overall Winner. So first is because I scored highest in my discipline, OW is because Steve is a beast and show best out of both disciplines. So more like a 2nd place… but I will take it!