My gun/review room

Let me try this again🤦‍♂️ We have been in need of a room to record content in when the weather is bad, sun is to bright or it’s just plain to hot or cold. I have a space dedicated to working on and cleaning my guns, reloading and storing parts and tools. We have tried recording here before but the sound quality was horrible.
I have decided to put a lot more effort into this room in 2020 and wanted a place I could show some of the changes. We need a clean environment that can serve as a work space and be able to record. So the first step is sound deadening! This is only the beginning and I’m about a 1/10 of the way finished! UPS will be delivering a lot more boxes that feel empty in my future lol I was thrilled to finish this section. We decided on Velcro to stick the pads to the ceiling and boy was it a royal pain! Our thumbs will be soar for days lol



lol, sound deadening… for you?

weird :joy: :joy:

I once did an entire room with that stuff for a customer, its very effective, very cool, it will certainly work for you.


You will find it’s worth the time and effort. However, it’s going to add up fast with lighting, you want around 6k lighting. Sound, do yourself a favor and don’t cheep out there, I use blue yeti. Editing software also adds up fast. There’s free stuff that will get the job done, but not great.

I’m about to upgrade my studio as well, expanding it, and will likely add sound board as well.


I’m trying to decide on Aperture 120 or the Godox so 60. Probably will go with two godox for now. Mics I want something we can boom out the frame. Right now we use two rode pro and their new mic looks promising. They also have one that competes with Sennheiser that in test I couldn’t really tell the difference with my ears. It’s a work in progress so I’ll see what other gear I can acquire as time goes on


This is what I use


That is clean! What arm are you using? Are you recording right back into that camera or using a recorder? I record back into camera with two of them and use a zoom for the 3rd mic


For recording reviews I use the corel multi cam app which allows upto 6 different cameras and display captures while syncing them all together. Then I can edit them as one video and switch between the different cameras all in perfect sync.


Appreciate it! Thats one of the nicest arms I’ve seen!!