My health update from my wife


Hello everyone, it has been awhile since my last update. I am back working full-time hours, still looking for a part-time job as well. Cancelled my benefits and compensation class for Fall semester, to focus on Bar[Barian]'s upcoming surgery in September. His next EGD, with biopsy of his duodenal ulcer, is scheduled for September 14th. His GERD surgery is scheduled for the 27th. Hopefully he can come home on the 28th.

He had a blood draw yesterday and hopefully his blood count has stabilized and his iron is back to normal range. He is still dealing with a lot of localized pain and nausea but that is normal for him, just that his level of pain has increased because of the medication to help the ulcer heal. We had a dear friend, [Anthony], recently drop by with a motorized wheelchair which will be very helpful for the Barbarian is getting around due to the pain in his legs and feet.

Tristan is doing well. He has been helping his old man by making sure that things are done outside and around the house. He just passed his TaeKwonDo test for his green belt. Talya has been looking at getting a part-time job and making sure that things are done around the house as well.

Just wanted to update everyone and to let you know that your love and support has meant the world to us. Truly there are no words that can ever express how much this means. We are very grateful and blessed to have friends who have shared or have donated.

Much love,

The Barbarian family

Anyone wishing to make a donation to help out financially with bills, please use this link.


Thoughts & Prayers :pray:


^ Ditto!


Prayers heading your way… get well soon…


Thoughts are with you Sir.


Thoughts and Prayers.


You and your family have been, and are still in our prayers.


My thoughts and prayers are with you.

I’m facing retirement but flummoxed by what I will have to pay for medical (I can’t take my current with me except through COBRA that is twice what my pension pays). Scary shit that a medical procedure may be worth 6 times my house’s worth and all my savings.


That sucks. I’m disabled, been for the past four years. SSDI denied me so starting over. My long term disability that I paid for all my working life canceled me a year ago. My wife works full time, so she she insurance. And I have badger care, which is why Wisconsin rejected ObamaCare, we have our own healthcare. My total out of pocket was past mid February. Amazing how fast it adds up.


Why did SSDI deny you if you don’t mind me asking? Feel free to be private if you want. :+1:


According to the judge, because we had chickens and a garden. I explained the kids took care of the chickens, which we finally ended up giving away, and the last year I had a garden was 2015, and it proved to be too much. The real answer, because I’m under 55. That changes next year.


Wow what a bullshit excuse the judge had. But they are willing to give that to lazy ass millennials who feign serious injuries. sigh

I hope you get it mate.


Sooner or latter I will. That just cost me $125k in back pay. My wife and I had plans to move to Kentucky. She found 50 acres with an OK house for under $150k. Well, that’s not happening. I could have had one heck of a gun range.


You’ll get there!



It sounds like you and your family have been thru a lot. Hope it gets much better for you all.



Proves self sufficiency right there!

You have to chose, is the state your pappy, or not?


You need a better lawyer . My brother in law was denied his first time and went back with a good lawyer and got on disability . They also got payed from when he first applied.


From what I hear thats called



Wishing you all the best.


It’s all a game or better yet a scam . It boils down to lawyers helping lawyers get paid and everyone else be dammed.