My Helwan M951 Brigadier adventure


I thought I’d start a topic regarding this random oddball thing I’ve picked up. I’ll add pictures at the bottom of the post.

What I’ve been able to find out about mine so far…

  • Has all matching numbers.
  • It is a commercial release most likely.
  • It is an INTERARMS import but without any Arabic writing so it is likely fully Egyptian made.
  • I am unable to find a serial number decoder to determine its DOB. My serial is in the range of 111XXXX.
  • The finish is dull and the bluing has wear but has no pitting or rust that I could see.
  • Grips are not cracked and screws not marred up! Woohoo!
  • Barrel and rifling are exceptional (albeit dirty).
  • Trigger is surprisingly crisp but a bit heavy.
  • The slide fits well and there is no rattling anywhere.
  • There is a small amount of cosmoline near and around the hammer.

Site where I’ve found some replacement parts gunbroker notwithstanding.

I am tempted to cerakote or re-blue it once I can ensure the Barrel Locking Block and retaining screw are in good shape and have my gunsmith run through it to see if any of the trigger, hammer or springs need replacing. While it isn’t a common firearm (some can call it rare in the US?) it doesn’t really hold much value.

Feel free to jump in to the discussion or contribute if you have something to share. :cowboy_hat_face:



Neat pick up, looks like a Beretta copy without some of the controls!


NICE find! I’ve wanted one for awhile. Just haven’t found the right deal.


If I remember correctly, weren’t they being imported and available at most every gun show back in the early 1990s?
Wouldn’t it be cool to have a time machine and buy stuff when they were fresh and cheap.
I’m thinking a brand new 1955 Chevy Bel air stuffed full of the guns of the day would be the ticket.




Thanks! It was an impulse buy so I think I’m happy with it even if it isn’t particularly valuable or good quality. I’m going to pickup a factory mag soon and give it a go when I go to the range after I’ve taken it to a gunsmith for a check up. Hopefully it doesn’t blow up in my hand.

In the end I just love oddbal stuff.


It will be fine. No kaboom.