My ideal Truck Gun


I’ve been thinking about truck guns recently and everything I would want in one. Currently I keep a savage mark II locked under my back seat but I want something a little more powerful. What I’ve desided would be best for me would be a .22 magnum. A great cartridge for taking out coyotes or other varmints around the property and while not ideal for self defense it could be used with it producing just a little under the same amount of energy as a 9mm out of a pistol, but I would like to hear what other might have as their truck/ trunk gun or would like to have


IDK about you guys but my truck gun is this


I wish the AR7 was made in 22 mag, and just a bit more reliable.


I really haven’t thought about it. Maybe a lever gun in .357 or .44? Fairly inexpensive, holds a fair amount of rounds that can handle most anything, and is pretty compact for a rifle. One should be able to stash it out of sight fairly easy and there is very little to go wrong with them. Sorta kinda the revolver of the rifle world.


I work in a big city in Michigan. Just like any big city these days, seems like one bad incident away from riots and lawlessness. The Kel-tec sub 2000 in 9mm , with a midwest industries red dot, fits the bill for me.Fits nicely in my computer case, with four ultra reliable glock happy sticks in the glove box. The 2000 has run flawlessly and eats everything. Very accurate, and pushes the 9mm to the limit.


Gonna be honest, this obsession with rioters amongst the firearms community comes across as a fetishistic power-fantasy, the kind that leads to situations like that in Portland, OR, where Michael Strickland pulled a gun on the BLM march.


To be honest. There is no obsession. Its reality. Peaceful protest is not lawlessness.


The British called the American Revolution lawlessness.


I’m torn between a bull pup, small package bolt rifle such as the CZ 725M and an AK underfolder, in that order. I think an X95 or MDR would probably make most sense. I don’t know man, I’m an AR-15 guy.


I been thinking the exact same thing. Keltec sub2000 loaded with federal hst or Hornady 135 critical duty would fit the bill for a truck gun for just about anything.


A small compact bolt gun in .308 is what I like to keep in my vehicle or a underfolder AK depending on where I will be headed. A carbine that takes Glock 17 mags would be very nice as well since I always have those mags on me or in my bag and vehicle at all times.


I carry the same Mini 14 I bought back in 78 and a small backpack for extra mags.


My favorite ‘truck gun’ is a pre-ban Chicom SKS and some stripper clips.


LOL I know a guy who carries his Ruger Mini-14 “Ranch Rifle” w a side- folding stock and 4 loaded 30 rd mags in…a…tennis racket case. Dang fine rig and totally hidden by the case. Looks pretty innocent there, especially as he keeps a tube of 3 brite yellow tennis balls beside the case at all times.


My new truck gun is a Century AK47 pistol, the Made in USA model. It’s compact and has plenty of fire power and I can fit lots of mags in the gun case too.


I’m working on an ideal truck gun build. Doing research on different parts and whatnot - still in the very early stages of planning, so things are gonna likely change.

I’m choosing the AR-15 because it’s what I shoot competitively with, so I want a firearm that I can easily and skillfully use. I was tempted to go the AR Pistol route, especially with the ATF’s recent ruling, but have opted against it. Since I live in Texas, placing a pistol in plain view in a vehicle is illegal, doing the same with a rifle is legal. So if I’m gonna just stick it on the seat next to me, or buy one of those locking back seat things that some of my buddies have, it’ll need to be a rifle. I also wanted to go with an actual rifle stock instead of a wonky pistol brace.

So my current plan is to get the BAD-PDW collapsible stock.

Works with a standard buffer, has a continuous cheek weld, is quite lightweight, and works with a standard BCG.

I plan on getting a 14.5" barrel with pinned muzzle device, and that’s going to put the overall length of the rifle at somewhere around 28-30 inches. So it’ll still be a quite compact rifle. I will be putting my suppressor on it, which will increase the length.

While I’d love to have it as a SBR length, I don’t think I’m gonna want to mess with that crap.

It’ll start off using a spare red dot that I have, but I’m considering getting a US Optics 1-4 with red dot for it.

So this rifle will be a home defense rifle, a truck gun, and I plan on also using it in competitions, for both run and guns as well as local Carbine matches.

Gonna be a fun project, still in research mode though - it’s probably gonna change a lot throughout the research process.


I own and love a Henry Lever 22Magnum. It is really accurate for me with open sights. That way you don’t have to worry about your scope getting knocked off behind the seat of your truck. It is also a pretty compact rifle. Love mine.


I carry a .38 model ten in my daily driver plus my etc. 45 .When I travel away from home I take an ar and two or three mags.


My defense mechanism is vomiting out of fear. The best part is I can carry this with me anywhere, like airplanes.


All of these except for the middle one are excellent truck guns. The AR-57 would be akin to a .22 Mag. The sucky part is that the 12" AR-57 requires a tax stamp when it is a couple of inches longer than a Tavor (which is also a good truck gun, by the way).