My Introduction


Found this website after some You-Tuber named Royal Nonesuch got taken down from YouTube. I have been downloading and viewing his videos from this website ever since.

I’m interested in home-made weapons and armor.
I’m also interested in the facts and statistics concerning firearm ownership in America.

Thank you for allowing me onto this forum.


Welcome aboard


Welcome @TheLastCrusader777
Glad you found your way to Full 30!!


Welcome to Full30 forum @TheLastCrusader777 Good to have you here. Got several people here doing 80% builds.

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Welcome to the forum.


Welcome to the forum Brother!!


Welcome to the forum.


Welcome to the Full30 Forum, TheLastCrusader777.

Hope you enjoy it here.




Welcome to full30


Welcome aboard!




Welcome to Full30! Glad you found us. Tell your friends.


Welcome to the forum Brother.


Welcome to Full30! My path was from a YouTuber too! :slight_smile: