My K98 Mauser


Just dug out my Mauser and thought I would share. The disc has been replaced with wood and checkering that could be better was carved into the stock at some point early in its life. I was told that it was done by the veteran who brought it home.

Wooden plug, replacement sling

1942, BYF manufacture

Interesting choice for checkering…

Overall a sweet shooter and one that I’ll never get rid of.


oh my god it is a picture of a gun
are the other items repro or real?


The other items are real. Grandpa brought them home. They are what they are in a historical context.


could not agree more
some useless trivia - what defeated country retained and still flys their battle ensign?


I’m not going to cheat and use Google… so I have no idea!


you had a one in three chance
the Sunburst ensign is still used by JNS


Very Nice!