My latest bit of testing equipment is on its way.

Today my new Chronograph was shipped out, I will have it on Tuesday. I’m sure you’re asking, so what, don’t you already have a chronograph? Yes, I do. While it’s a nice one, and it works, it’s not the best fit for what I’m doing. Outdoors it works well, but indoors it’s a problem because I can’t move it past the blast shields on each side of the lanes. So instead of reading 1250fps on a handgun round, it’s reading over 3000 because it’s picking up the muzzle blast.

So what do I have coming that will work better? I’ve got a LabRadar Doppler radar chronograph. This sits behind the firing line, so safer, tracks velocities out to 100 yards and able to provide data from several different distances all at once. And it’s very accurate. I look forward to using this next week.


I think @MAC uses that chronograph if memory serves me correctly.


Look forward to your review


With the accessories, that can be a sizeable investment.
Let us know all about it when it arrives, please.


Nice pick up! We want to add one as well one day


It’s amazing how fast it adds up. By the time you add in the cameras and other stuff, it’s $10k, I still want to add a target camera, working on that now. A drone, and a high speed camera.

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