My Maadi Helwan Brigadier adventure


I thought I’d start a topic regarding this random oddball thing I’ve picked up. I’ll add pictures at the bottom of the post.

What I’ve been able to find out about mine so far…

  • Has all matching numbers.
  • It is a commercial release most likely.
  • It is an INTERARMS import but without any Arabic writing so it is likely fully Egyptian made.
  • I am unable to find a serial number decoder to determine its DOB. My serial is in the range of 111XXXX.
  • The finish is dull and the bluing has wear but has no pitting or rust that I could see.
  • Grips are not cracked and screws not marred up! Woohoo!
  • Barrel and rifling are exceptional (albeit dirty).
  • Trigger is surprisingly crisp but a bit heavy.
  • The slide fits well and there is no rattling anywhere.
  • There is a small amount of cosmoline near and around the hammer.

Site where I’ve found some replacement parts gunbroker notwithstanding.

I am tempted to cerakote or re-blue it once I can ensure the Barrel Locking Block and retaining screw are in good shape and have my gunsmith run through it to see if any of the trigger, hammer or springs need replacing. While it isn’t a common firearm (some can call it rare in the US?) it doesn’t really hold much value.

Feel free to jump in to the discussion or contribute if you have something to share. :cowboy_hat_face:



Neat pick up, looks like a Beretta copy without some of the controls!


NICE find! I’ve wanted one for awhile. Just haven’t found the right deal.


If I remember correctly, weren’t they being imported and available at most every gun show back in the early 1990s?
Wouldn’t it be cool to have a time machine and buy stuff when they were fresh and cheap.
I’m thinking a brand new 1955 Chevy Bel air stuffed full of the guns of the day would be the ticket.




Thanks! It was an impulse buy so I think I’m happy with it even if it isn’t particularly valuable or good quality. I’m going to pickup a factory mag soon and give it a go when I go to the range after I’ve taken it to a gunsmith for a check up. Hopefully it doesn’t blow up in my hand.

In the end I just love oddbal stuff.


It will be fine. No kaboom.


So for now I ordered a Triple K aftermarket mag for it. I just want to run some cartridges through it to find out if it’s worth finding a factory mag or two and inserting it in to my regular range rotation.

I’m taking it to a gunsmith this next week for a function, safety and headspace check. Will report once I get him back. I secretly think this is a tank and I’m gonna love shooting it.


This mag doesn’t fit as well as a factory mag would. Even with a little lube it’s stiff. I can see where it’s wearing when it gets caught up which is near the top. It’ll serve its purpose until I can find a factory mag.

I’m going to take it to my gunsmith tomorrow to do my usual safety check / once over / deep clean / lubricate / headspace check anytime I buy surplus. This thing is very dirty and grimy in the places I cannot reach after field stripping. A good ultrasonic bath should do it some good regardless. I should really get one of those ultrasonic things…


Found some grips I like. Tough choice between them… As long as I get a full bill of health I’m going to look in to getting one of these grips. The original Helwan grips are very brittle and crack easy and are hard to find.

#2 might be a winner.



My vote is for number 1 if I had one.


Food for thought, don’t put any aluminum parts in a ultra sonic cleaner.


Elaborate? Is it a cosmetic thing or do you think that style stippling (?) is more effective?

Good to know!


Yeah this time my answer is style over function. I know, I know, but number 1 reminds me of dragon scales or snake skin. I just think it looks cool. If they are anything like my kimber grand raptor 2 they are not very grippy.


I was leaning towards #2 for style and function. :+1:


Report from my gunsmith. All’s good!

Howdy James,

your pistol is ready. I saw no visible cracks in the locking block and it functioned without a failure.

It does have some surface rust, some I didn’t attempt to remove because it’ll end up being far more noticeable and stand out. I did however soak it in oil for 24 hours, so it shouldn’t continue to rust. Internally showed very little rust if any, it was mainly on the exterior.

Any questions, let me know.


A little concerned about the rust but for now I’ll trudge ahead. Still contemplating having it cerakoted or another finish to keep it from rotting away. Cannot wait to take it to the range.


Ok so I talked with the guy and he can cerakote it for $250~300 he said. If it shoots well enough I might get it done. Question is what color would go well with those wood grips I posted earlier?


Well, everything goes with black. But personally, a navy blue or OD green looks good with wood grips as well.


I was thinking about a slightly dark navy blue actually. :+1:


Calling all generous helpers. I’m calling for my fellow 2A’ers to give me a hand. I’ve spent every day since I bought this to try and locate my pistol’s DOB and or year or mfg based on the serial # and have come up empty–I even asked someone in Egypt if they had any suggestions and etc and he came up empty and suggested I contact the manufacturer (is that even possible?). I’d be grateful if someone could give me some assistance or some new ideas? I’m almost at the end of the rope here and all out of fresh ideas. It looks to be one of the earlier batches of INTERARMS imports and of all of the ones I’ve seen for sale and pictures of them online from US owners shows serials higher than mine–mostly 112XXXX and higher for the Egyptian made variants.