My Maadi Helwan Brigadier adventure


While not always successful the guys at Guns & Ammo do this stuff or people frequently. If all else fails and no one offers a better idea (I have none) send them an email with a photo of the gun & S/N and any info you have. They may be able to help and you might get your gun published in mag.

Don’t have that email address right now but if I find my hard copy mag I’ll find it.


email is

Worth a try.


Thanks mate.


Email sent. Cross fingers…


No reply from Guns and Ammo. Not surprisingly.

Also my first range visit was terrible. It doesn’t seem to be very accurate or I need more practice with this platform. My Star and even Makarov are very accurate by comparison. And since I had to buy an aftermarket mag naturally it was trash. After the first mag of ammo, yes the very first, the mag got stuck when attempting to remove it. Even the gunsmith on site couldn’t get it out. We had to both pull on it and the pistol together to get it out bending the follower. I suspect the mag follower came out on the last round fired and caught on the frame thus not being able to be removed.

So I’ll buy a factory mag and try again. If I cannot squeeze some respectable accuracy out of it the safe is where it goes and stays.