My Neighbors

I have been quite for quite some time obviously…
I joined a " neighborhood " social media group in my area.
Right off the bat they were calling to arms people to start policing the non mask wearer’s
Me being the antagonistic guy I am, chimed in after a few months about the feral cats we have at the local sand spit. Stating we should get rid of them and I will do it.
At least I know who my neighbors are now. Bahahahhaa
Next I asked the question about advertising on their sight. I did this publicly and posted a photo.
Again… outrage.
Good times we live in… good times.
Ok… in other news…
No one from my neighborhood comes to the shop, but they all know I carry a gun. This is a good thing. An older guy (older than me even) did stop his van and ask what I carried. He had a few boxes of 45 acp to give me. That was kinda cool in my book.
Ok… there’s updates.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Damn commies :rage:

Welcome back !


I know I went off on that one. But listening to how “these” people respond to some of this… is insanity.
I watch the news from Australia… blows my mind. Zero way for them to push back. ZERO… same thing in France
It is taking place all over the damn world. Meanwhile I struggle being in a new location.
Shadow banned… they have everything locked down and act like fools if you question them.


Sounds like nextdoor. I have a ton of socks when i get banned by pointing out the jab did nothing to help them stop spreading da wuhu.
Without fail
Too bad for them i am a relentless prick about shit like this.