My new puppie - Chiappa Rhino 40DS


glad to share with you my happiness for getting my brand new Rhino 40DS 357Manum


I’ve always found these to be oddball, but in a good way.


I’d hate to see her when she’s full grown if that’s the puppy stage. LoL I hear they have a load bark.


What it take to obtain/maintain firearms in Italy?


I’ve wanted a Rhino for a while now. Only issues I hear is the fire control system is rather complicated. However, having the barrel more in line with where a striker fired gun would be will help the weapon flip. Look forward to hearing your feelings on it.


Good lookin pistol!


You got to obtain a Licence, must didnt had trouble with law and pass an exam


I just made my first Kydex holster by myself, I’m very happy Uploading: DSC00303.JPG…


I think you hit save before it was done uploading


maybe, I will try again…
uploding video files here is possible?



I doubt it



Very nice :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Robert, it’s my first attempt and it works very smoot with an excellent retenction


Best part, now you need the Italian flag stenciled on it


that’s not a bad idea :grinning:


Don’t forget the zombie overlay and my royalty check :sunglasses:


This one is for my CZ 75 Shadow, done following my specs, now I will do all by myself as I want