My new SKS acquisition


I pick up this black bolt 54 Russian a few months ago. I’ve always wanted a Russian SKS to go along with my Yugoslavian and Chinese SKS but the prices have gotten crazy for my pocket. Well I lucked up and found one a guy had stashed way back in his safe room still NIB form around 15 years ago. Being good friends he let me have it for twice what he originally paid for it so he made money and I got one for a steal. Haven’t even put the first rd. through her yet.


Very nice!!


Oh, that’s nice. One of these days I’m going to get another SKS, traded the one I had for a savage striker.


Thanks, I’ve been debating on just leaving it as is but I hate owning a gun and not shooting it, just seems unnatural.


buy another, one with crappy furniture and modify that one.


My old one.


The my Norinco SKS was the first long gun I personally bought. It’s too beautiful to shoot anymore (especially since I have an AK now) but I still have a soft spot for the rifles! That’s a beautiful piece you’ve picked up.


Great score! My Dad has a 52 Russian that is currently in my possession for cleaning. We are planing to clean it together, but I’ve been busy lately. I think he forgot that I have it, so I may forget to give it back. :wink::grin:


So sweet. I think the Russians are the nicest sks out! Looks like u got a good one


Shoot it…you’ll love it! My 1952 Russian is the most accurate SKS I’ve ever owned. I shoot mine from time to time, but for beating about in the desert, I use my Chinese para SKS.


I’ll probably break it out in a couple weeks when we have a shooting day over at my buddies house. I need to clean the bolt and bore and put a few rds. of my cast lead handloads downrange just to see how it shoots those as it will be getting a steady diet of that in the future.


Sounds good…definitely have to give us a range report. I’m interested in how your cast lead loads perform too. Never reloaded 7.62x39, but it’s something I’ve considered for a while.


I started reloading for my SKS rifles when I picked up my first one many years ago, steel case ammo was pretty cheap then and I stashed a good bit of what shot good in my rifles back for a rainy day but I like to reload for everything I shoot. I loaded various jacketed bullets at first which included the Hornady .310" 123 gr. FMJ, SP and V-MAX bullets as they were cheap compared to today’s cost especially when bought in bulk, I also loaded my own .311" 150 gr. SP bullets as well.

The SKS rifles got me started shooting cast lead bullets in rifles, I did lots of research an started out with the Lee .312" 160 gr. TL gas check bullet Ed Harris recommended along with Alliant 2400 powder. The bullet dropped at around .314" from my mold which was a plus since the groove to groove dia. of my Yugo and Chinese SKS was close to .312" I like my cast rifle bullets to be around .002" over groove dia. when possible or as large as will easily chamber.

Later on I picked up the Lee .312" 185 gr. RN gas check bullet which I originally bought for my Mosin rifles as well as a custom mold from NOE that cast a .314" 155 gr. gas check FN bullet. They all shoot great in my SKS rifles as well as my Mosins.

As far as the 7.62 x 39 goes I use 2400 most of the time but Reloader #7 is a good powder as well that works with both jacketed and cast lead. MV runs up in the 1700 to 1800 fps. range with the 155 an 160 gr. cast bullets. With the 185 gr. I like IMR or H-4895 gets me around 1500+ fps. the heavy bullet really puts the smack down on steel plates.


Thanks for sharing that wealth of knowledge…having done a bit of reloading myself, I know that your summary comes with a whole lot of time effort and expense in experimentation with load development. Most people have no clue as to what goes into making a round that works very well with a particular rifle.

Here’s a pic of my 1952:


Nice. I regret selling mines.


Man that is one sweet SKS. I should get one at some point.


Thanks everyone, I had almost gave up on ever acquiring a nice Russian SKS at a decent price. You just don’t see them around here anymore especially one factory refurbished still NIB but it was worth the wait.


I really like the wood on that stock!


Thanks! It does have a real nice look, I love the Russian stocks.
That one on yours looks very nice as well…they did a great job with the arsenal refurb.


I have a 1952 Russian (and several Chinese and Yugo) SKS. I’ve always loved these rifles because when I was a young man these were everywhere for like $75 or less. They were stacked high on tables at every gun show, well the Chi-Com rifles were. Russian SKS’s weren’t to be found. In our town gun shows were held in the Holiday Inn conference room. Oh, the good old days…