My new toy

It’s been several months waiting for the foundry to finish this beast. Now I need to start buying the lumber and building the carriage.


Hell yeah!!!


How much was that thing if you don’t mind me asking.


About $1800 plus the shipping. There’s about a 3 month wait.


Next step, check.

Yep, some assembly required.


Can i come shoot it?


You gonna use iron sights or put some glass on it?


I was able to get out into my garage and start building the cannon carriage. Somehow I managed to end up one 4x4 short, and a surplus of one 2x10. Not sure how that happened.

I’ve also got a length of sisal rope 1" in diameter, some 1" eye bolts, a bunch of square nuts, and a pair of trunnion caps on the way. I should have all that on Monday. I plan to brown all the metal parts to give it an aged look. Still need to settle on a stain color. I want it to look aged.


Years ago the owner of the company I work for called me to his office . When I got there he told me I would be working on a project for his brother. I ended up making all of the sheet metal parts for a civil war era cannon . I forget the size but we would fill beer cans half full of concrete for projectiles. He had a river bottom field that was 1 mile long that we shot it at . He got to where he could hit a 4x8 sheet of plywood at 300 yards then just lost interest and moved on to other projects.


I considered a civil war cannon, but the cost is crazy high. If you’re lucky, you might find one starting around $15k for a functional cannon. The price goes up from there. This one is a bit smaller, an 18th century cannonade which was used in ships because it was smaller and easier to maneuver in the tight quarters of a ship. But will still weight in around 500 pounds when complete. Total cost is going to come in around $2500 which is a deal for any full scale cannon that’s historically accurate. I could buy a smooth bore tube and build a cannon, that’s easy, but I wanted something for the most part, historically accurate.