My old race car rediscovered


Last year I was messing about on the web and accidentally discovered a web site about old racing cars.
Very surprisingly, one of the contributors was describing an 1970s era open wheel road racer he had recently acquired and was in the process of bringing back to life.
The more I read about it, the more familiar the car seemed to get.
After some back and forth conversations, I realized it was my old racer I had last seen in 1971.
Holy Cow, it’s a small world


Wow! What are the odds! Neat srory. Might want to throw a couple dollars at the next mega millions or Powerball drawing…


That’s amazing! Any pictures you can share?


The only picture is a faded one hanging on the wall.
Don’t think it would scan or travel well.


After many months without hearing anything about the restoration, today there was an email with the final pictures.
The owner sprung for the restoration to be done by a professional shop.
He didn’t say how much it cost, but judging from the looks, it had to be a ton of money.
It’s beautiful again, back from the dead and very much so.
If I knew how to post a picture here, I’d show it.



Wow !!! Thank you for the picture sir!


Yes! Thank you for sharing!

It looks like a really nice and way too much fun little car!


It was definitely a fun car.
900 lbs with 125 hp.
It would scoot.
They were supposed to be a step up from formula vee, (based on stock vee-dub components) and it surely was that.


How can the picture of the car be deleted or replaced with another one?
I found a better one from my old stash of racing pictures.


Just add the new picture like you did the 1st time. No need to delete. But if you feel you must, click the 3 little dots on old picture then click the little garbage can


Eh, what three little dots, where?
Don’t see no stinkin’ dots, senor.

Oops, never mind, I found them little devils.
Thanks for the tip.

Be back with the new picture after a brief word from a sponsor.
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Guy calls the plumber and sez, “I Gotta’ leak in my pool.”
Plumber sez “Well if you have to, it’s your pool.”


Ooooooh, very nice!


Had to change the picture, there was a recognizable guy in the background and who ever thought to get model releases back then.
Danged laws.