My Only AK


I’ve mentioned that I love my Polish underfolder before in posts. Here she is. Assembled from a Circle 11 Polish parts kit by Gun Point of Bradenton FL on a Nodak Spud receiver. Nothing has been upgraded. The Tapco hammer has been polished by me so it cycles very smoothly. That’s the only change I’ve had to make besides some front sight adjustments.

I like it because it’s versatile, and it’s fun. With the stock folded it makes for a compact hip shooter, you can maneuver through brush better, and it’s easier to store in a vehicle.

Close up of the Circle 11

I like the quality of the Polish AK’s. Their iron sights are top notch.

The folding stock does leave a bit to be desired in the comfort department, but mine has little to no wobble. It’s very stable.

I do not shoot my AK all the time, and if I did an underfolder may not be my first choice. As a grab n go truck gun however, it excels. I like it.


What kind of accuracy do you get out of it?


I can hit a pie plate at 100 yards all day long but it’s not my AR with an Aimpoint on it for sure.


I forgot to mention that field stripping is a breeze. I never truly appreciated the AK’s simplicity until I got this one.


Classic piece. I hands down love ARs, but the AK is such a neat rifle. I don’t have the same restraint as you, so I’ve gone and modded different parts of my SAM7SF. However, you have one clean looking rifle there, and I can envy that.


Thank you Sir. Like most of my new guns, it’s a tool. I’m surprised it’s not scratched up more!


How accurate is your AK? Accuracy is the main thing holding me back , 3" groups would be ok but not 6.


I haven’t been able to stretch it’s legs on a long range yet, just done some basic indoor range shooting. I picked up a 3x ACOG that I’ll be throwing on it, and I’ll let you know when I get it out to test.


Very nice looking AK indeed!!


Beautiful. Mine is an 81 kit as well. they build up nice.


Good builds will shoot MOA but your paying for it.
You can always recut the crown and that will do wonders with AK accuracy.
Not the rule and there are exceptions, but generally speaking-
$1500-$2000 should shoot inch with good ammo.
$1000-$1500 should shoot 1.5”
$800-$1000 will be 2.5”-1.5”
If you can find one for less than $800 good for you because they are getting expensive.
I once bought a Hungarian FEG 7.62x39
For $400. Shooting prone at 300 yards it was able to hit a 18”x24 silhouette target 85% of the time. The sights where off center also but once you zero it you can see what your working with.


@switchpod That’s what I ran into with mine- sights being slightly off. And boy are you right about the prices.


Seeing as how I only have one Polish AK, the different types shown by @eltenda are really interesting. Makes me want to expand my collection.


One could go broke trying to complete a collection of diffrent countries of origin and designs
I prefer Russian myself
If your interested in learning more about diffrent variants I’d direct you to mishaco on YouTube
He has a huge lexicon of history on all kinds of diffrent models


Ive always wanted to shoot one of those Polish Beryl (sp) AKs or a German AK but I dont think they really hit the American civie market.


They had a few runs of them come in but they were hella exspensive
Nice 5.56 rifle though
Atlantic firearms builds a clone of them I’m pretty sure there nitbin stock buy they build runs of them



Those look pretty cool. Ever handled a German one?


As far as I know there’s only a polish made beryl
But I may be wrong
I tend to overlook all the country of origins at times
There are so many


I meant standard Germsn AKs.