My Only AK


I have shot a few East German kit guns yes
They can be sought after by lots of ak folks there is a kind of a East German cult
I’m kind of what they call a purist in a way
For me it’s a opinion that the best ak rifles made are

Of course that’s just my .02 but most of the kits I get to build are Romanian or romy g kits
Bulgarian 74 kits
Occasionally Egyptian Maddi kits


My 106 was a POS, it really disapointed me.


Slr-106 ?


Im not sure, it was super over gassed and had issues with the feedramp. My gunsmith fixed it up for me for a good price but I paid $1000 for an unreliable rifle. The finish was trash too.


Ahahahhahahaha Kvar is notorious for a shitty finish
A big issue with the 106 when it was released was they put a 5.45 bullet guide in them instead of a 5.56 guide
They are similar but the shapes are diffrent enough to cause a issue
And to be honest 5.56 ak mags can be problematic as well for some reason there’s only a few that work well
It came with a Bulgarian circle 10 they are generally considered the best
As for over gassed I haven’t heard of that but maybe a few times it’s possible the gas port was too large


Its weird because on another forum theres a guy I was talking too from Bulgaria that served in their army and he says Arsenals 5.56 rifles are good to go. I was pretty let down.


He’s right actually I guess you were unlucky to get a problematic one
Kvar did nothing to make this right ?
They generally suck at cs issues but they always make it right


They jerked me around and didnt actually fix the issue so I hsd my gunsmith do it. He seemed to do a better job even though he is not an AK guy, per se. He did retire from the Army where he worked on guns, then also retired as a machinist and was an actual gunsmith before doing that, cool dude ,saved me alot of headaches. I was totally turned off by that incident though, it left a sour taste in my mouth in regards to Arsenal.


I get that
Arsenal is generally considered the gold standard of factory guns
Imo there not the do all end all rifles that a lot of akm guys claim to be that they put them on a pedistal
That being said they are nice I have 2 myself


I dont buy gucci stuff. I wanted the BCM/Colt 6920 of the AK world which is what Arsenal is known as. A hard use rifle with average looks ,pretty much.


Arsenal is the Bulgarian manufacturer of the rifles
Fime group is the importer of the Bulgarian rifles
Kvar is the company in Las Vegas that receives the rifles and builds the barreled receivers out to be 922r compliant


Well, my Wasr was more reliable than my Arsenal, is that normal? :laughing:

My converted Saiga was better than either in almost everyway.


Kvar is the us company that distributes yes
But they only receive barreled receivers and then they build them out to be 922r compliant


Im part of the AR15 fanboy master race and have decided to buy up all the AR stuff I can while prices are this good. After things settle and go up I will start buying other platforms again.


Wasr will run forever
It eats twinkies for breakfast


I wish I wouldve thought of feeding mine twinkies. It survived a mag dump of 8 mags as fast as I could.


What kind of ammo were you feeding it ?
Brass ?


The Wasr? It ate wolf 90% of the time.


No I meant the 106


Winchester white box 55 gr. , I think. It ate them ok after the feed ramp issues were fixed. I mightve tried HP but I dont remember.