My Only AK


Loved my FEG AMDs. Probably the best AK variant out there. Mine were amazingly accurate and built extremely well. Only downside is the lack of an optics mount.
IME I’ve found the Hungarian built AKs to be the best.


I file the rear sight with a triangular file, as most popularly advocated by Jim Fuller. Significant improvement, IMO.

The under folder isn’t the most comfortable to shoot (though paracord on the cheek side helps), but it’s hard to beat for light weight and compactness. AK (and AR) pistols give up too much muzzle energy and are too loud/concussive for me.


I always notch out the rear sight leaf as well
I never use a standard sight leaf either I always switch them out for rpk sights


One thing I have to say about this is, make sure your rear leaf is for the sight block you are using. You can see by the length and notches.
The sight adjustment might not be correct if you put that on a rifle that originally has an 800 meter leaf. There are exceptions, but generally not something a lot of people know about.


AKs are not designed for accuracy, they are designed for fire suppression.
Which they rule in.


AK 47 shoots at roughly 600 rpm, AK 74 is roughly 650 rpm, and the M4 is between 700-900 rpm. So I wouldn’t say that the AK was designed for fire suppression, considering that the sights are set out to 1,000m, and it takes a conscious effort to place the safety selector on full-auto (between safe and semi). I think you’ll find that AKs can be quite accurate, i’m betting most of the inaccuracy comes from cheap surplus ammo.


BINGO! @USMCMahon you are like a nail detector with that hammer…and sickle :rofl:. Bad joke. I couldn’t resist!


Joke was adequate for the motherland, no gulag for you today :joy:! I honestly really like my SAM7SF, and I was pleasantly surprised how well it shoots when its wearing a 3x Trijicon ACOG. The only hard part is getting quality 7.62x39 in bulk. Tuna cans are so much cheaper!


He makes a good point , from what I have seen the 5.45 AKs are pretty close to ARs when it comes to accuracy.


That seems to be the consensus with many folks. Just watched a video where Larry Vickers expressed the same sentiment. What was interesting though was he still made point of saying that if someone goes with owning a single AK to go the 7.62 route. Primarily because of ammunition availability.

One thing I found interesting in my tours over in Afghanistan was that we only once came across a 5.45 AK. Lost count of the number of 7.62 we either captured or destroyed but only a single 5.45. Hmmm.


I think Mr. Vickers was the one who said that if you’re buying your first AK, buy in 7.62. So that’s what I did! 5.45 is similar to 5.56, and I wanted to differentiate my rifles. Plus, it just felt right buying a 7.62 for an AK. I do think that 7.62x39 is an aging round, but it’s not completely useless. An interesting note is that Bulgaria (where Arsenal is based) still uses milled 7.62 rifles, because of a hesitancy to swap to the newer stamped 5.45 rifles. Great country, I highly recommend going there if you get the chance. The sole reason I picked up an Arsenal instead of anything else was because of the time I spent there.


The AK accuracy issue is much more ammunition related than gun related. Although the forged receiver guns have more accuracy potential due to less flex.


I’ve considered putting my AK front sight post in a drill and using sandpaper to bring it to a point for longer range. Anyone done the same or have experience with aftermarket sight posts? Just curious.


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On another forum I used to frequent there was a guy who supposedly was in the Bulgarian Army. According to him they are issued 5.56 milled AKs and only certain units can run 7.62.


This is the only pic I could find with Bulgarian troops with 5.56 AKs.



Over on m4carbine I found these pics (I am not a member over there but I do lurk):

Appears to be Columbians though

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