My Only AK


I had an slr107 for a while. I was incredibly underwhelmed by it. Lousy flaky, blotchy, spray paint finish, cheap furniture and oddly front heavy. The accuracy was about the same as my Romanians, so I sold it and went back to a WASR. Perfectly happy now, and personally won’t buy another overpriced, overhyped AK again.


Loved my FEG AMDs. Probably the best AK variant out there. Mine were amazingly accurate and built extremely well. Only downside is the lack of an optics mount.
IME I’ve found the Hungarian built AKs to be the best.


I file the rear sight with a triangular file, as most popularly advocated by Jim Fuller. Significant improvement, IMO.

The under folder isn’t the most comfortable to shoot (though paracord on the cheek side helps), but it’s hard to beat for light weight and compactness. AK (and AR) pistols give up too much muzzle energy and are too loud/concussive for me.


I always notch out the rear sight leaf as well
I never use a standard sight leaf either I always switch them out for rpk sights


One thing I have to say about this is, make sure your rear leaf is for the sight block you are using. You can see by the length and notches.
The sight adjustment might not be correct if you put that on a rifle that originally has an 800 meter leaf. There are exceptions, but generally not something a lot of people know about.