My poor Canadian airsoft brethren

I don’t know about you folks but this pisses me off to no end.

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old news and never brought into law (repealed) - all our imports still come in unmolested.
Unlike my Southern Cousins who have to have their imports marked and molested as per BATF regs.


Having traveled both to the UK and Canada, by comparison, citizens of the UK will discover many things will be available to do in Canada they are denied back home.
Unfortunately the Canadian government still considers the citizens of Canada as subjects.



And what does the consent of the governed mean to you?

Does it not subject you to the government’s exercise of power?


Yea, Our government does not treat us any better. We are subjects as much as anyone else. Im actually pretty sure that our far lefties are worse than theirs. We just have a stronger right wing at this point in time. Canadas last leader actually seemed halfway decent.


Way back to 1951, who was that…?

George VI?

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