My Reintroduction


Good Evening everyone. The name is Ancel, but I more commonly known in the Industry as Shwell, aka Shwell11.

I know I previously posted an Introduction when the forums initially launched, but you rarely get a second chance at a first impression.

I am a Retired USAF Air Traffic Controller… I was medically retired at the old age of 30. That story is a long one, and kind of boring, so I will save that for a later post. I have spent my Retirement making video about the things that interest me. My venture into the world of content creation started in 2007 and focussed primarily on Airsoft. I have been a firearms owner my entire adult life, and in 2012 a chance interaction with a local Competitive shooter (MakingMasterClass on YT) inspired me to spend more time with “Real Steel” firearms. I have been hooked ever since.

I have been posting Content on Full30 for about 3 or 4 months now. It has been slow going as my health has to be the priority, as well as my desire to make certain the Content I post on Full30 is the best I can create with my experience and equipment.

I enjoy what I do, and it has given me access to alot of Industry insider Info, as well as access to all the things I know we all love. I look forward to sharing more content on Full30, and plan to ramp up production as well as participation in the discussions here on the forums.

I am Shwell11 on most social media platforms. Never hesitate to send me questions, or even just start conversations… I am really passionate about Firearms, and I hope to be able to share my experiences with everyone.



Welcome to Full30 @Shwell11 Good to have you here, again. Jump right in the water’s fine, even nicer than when you first got here.

Be sure to check out the list of content creators and give them a subscribe.


or just Welcome and glad to have you




Good to see you on the forum @Shwell11 !!


Glad to have you back in the forum again Brother. Welcome!




Welcome to Full30…


Welcome! Have some sweet tea.


Not every day we get to witness the second coming…


Welcome back one Military Man to another.


Welcome, Shwell11.

I would like to read about your retirement when you are up for it.

Saw your pics on the AR’s you have built - very impressive!

I am sure Full30 will be an even better place with you here.


@JohnB I will definitely take the time to explain my situation… I dont mind sharing.

Here is an interview I did, I talked about my situation a bit here… But I will followup later today…


Thanks for sharing the video, Shwell11.

I listened to (parts of) it - definitely helped explain things.

Glad you made it thru all your surgeries and that your family was so supportive throughout it all.


I love this forum/site. Friendly folks, intelligent firearm members,etc. Thanks for having me. I’ll do my best to get out of the way should I venture into unknown territory. Again, thanks for having me. I enjoy the forum and especially the hosts and the members.


uh-oh…thats what were supposed to do?