My Ruger Sr 1911 magazines

Need suggestions for magazines for my Ruger SR1911 it is a full size 5 in stainless steel. I’m more familiar with revolvers and Striker Fired guns my first 45 single action 1911 interested in buying more magazines any suggestions or problems with certain magazines for this gun

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I have had good results with chip mccormick. They work better than some nighthawk that would not lock the slide after the last round.


Thank you very much for the information I was looking at the Chip McCormick also I did read somewhere though about the Chip McCormick nicking the frame

I should tell you im shooting a Springfield armory. The Mc Cormick
workgreat in it .

I think that may be for the Chip McCormick Shooting Star series in aluminum framed 1911’s. I read too that the follower tip in the shooting stars is what can cause the nicks in the feed ramp. I use the Power Mag+ in mine which have a follower designed NOT to nick the aluminum frames. Ive been real happy with them. My aluminum frame 1911 (Springfield RO Champion) has a ramped bull barrel so I don’t think its an issue either way, but they are nice magazines and have been flawless for me!

I don’t personally know since I’ve always used surplus mags only for plinking, don’t carry or use 1911 for home defense, but it’s been said by many people that know a thing or two abt pistols and 1911s in particular that Wilson combat has the best magazines available for them. I know for a fact that they make 8 rounders which will stick out the grip slightly, but they do have a nice floor plate. Not sure if they make seven rounders but I would imagine so. Check out Larry Vickers YouTube channel, pretty sure he has a video on the Wilson combat mags

Just looked on YouTube to verify, the video is titled Wilson combat Vickers duty mag…so it must be a co-op with Vickers tactical

I run CheckMate SS GI style 7 round mags. Well made and NO feed issues with anything I’ve fed them

I simply run factory Ruger mags in my SR1911. They all work well…


I prefer Checkmate mags. They are the OEM supplier for most of the 1911 manufacturers, including Ruger I believe. All my Colts, my Springer, my Dan Wesson all came with Checkmates. I also own a couple chip McCormick mags, the mag tubes were made by Checkmate as well. They have always been reliable and don’t cost near what some of the high-end 1911 manufacturers charge for theirs. I wouldn’t be surprised if those high-end manufacturers contract with Checkmate for their mags as well.