My trip to Madison WI march for our 2A rights

Yesterday I went to the March for our 2A rights event in Madison WI. Here is part of the live stream I did. One anti showed up during the speech being given by a man running for congress, he’s in a blaze orange coat. I got right up to him to see if he had anything to say. He showed his IQ. I was also able to take the mic for a bit. Other than the cold, snow, and wind, it was a good day. Only about 200 or so people showed up.

Post up your pictures, or links to videos for us to see. Comment with your story, I want to hear about it. Be sure to follow us on Pariscope to get our live streams.


Thank you for sharing! I watched the entire video and I thought it was excellent! God Bless America!


Hah! Your not catching me this time!

Lots of dust on this!


It was so cold that day

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